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Dream 02.04.25

For some reason, I just felt like all my dreams were like an episode of scooby doo

Dream 02.04.22

It was a Brazil type dream. I show up for work or something in this large, ornate room with some sort of statue at the center. I never got a good look at it. I was dressed in a long coat and a white swimsuit. Over the swim suit, I had a dress. I headed toward the public unisex bathrooms of the place, and tried to find a stall that had a working toilet. No luck. I went to go leave, but everyone had to leave by walking through this anti-septic pit. It was thick and gooey, and it looked just plain gross. People were in it, struggling their way through. There was a guy at the edge trying to get girls to go through nude or topless. I brushed him off and went through. When I got out, Jorenko was waiting for me. We went into the coat room to get our stuff. While he was searching for his coat and some other thing, I was wiping the goo off my coat and hair. He finally got his stuff, but decided not to wear his coat, even though it was really cold outside. Outside, there was a truck with posters all over the inside, and boxes of them, too. I stole a poster, even though I didn’t know what it said.
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Dream 02.04.20

I was sitting in a city square, listening to someone speak of a fair outside town, and telling use how to get there by bus. None of the people in attendance wanted to go by bus. Once the rally was over, we all started running. I ran much faster than everyone else.
While everyone was on this one road, I hopped up a bit to another road, and then again to another. The roads were on the side of a mountain, with trees between them. The top road, which I was now on, was next to a farm. I was distracted for a moment, and was hit by a car from behind. The blow tossed me toward the side of the road, where I grabbed at the fence next to me. I could barely move.

The fence was electric. I got quite a jolt from it, but the disturbance caught the attention of the farmer’s tomboy daughter. She came out and looked at me, she had long, blondish/brown hair, tied back. She was ready to call some form of animal control, but I spoke.
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Dream 02.04.19

This one was rather strange. All the people were drawn in the Batman the Animated series style, because that’s what it was, a BtAS episode. The Joker killed himself by jumping into a river. Things started to come up missing and other bad things were being done. But it wasn’t the Joker, he was dead!

I went searching around where the Joker took his life, and hooray, I found a secret entrance in the rocks. It was small , and you’d have to be pretty tiny to squeeze in, but I got in. It was part of the sewer system, and it smelled awful.

The Joker was hiding in a surveillance room down the way, and saw me coming. He greeted rather warmly, and kept me in the sewers with him for a while.
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Dream 02.04.18

This was not a good dream. This was a great dream.

Nickelodeon. They had just started a new game show, and I was part of it somehow, behind the scenes. The game was a “safer version of real life that educates children on the dangers of the world.” The dangers of the world being the demons and undead beyond the city walls. The children go in, choose a character, and begin playing Diablo II, though that is not what it’s called in the dream, as Diablo II’s world is their real world.

After a while, the market for the game skyrocketed, and people would pay (or be paid) to have their custom designs in the game. This was good, seeing as I was the artist. More money for me. After a few years, I grew tired of the secure job, and sought adventure.
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Dream 02.04.13

This dream was really cool.

It had to have been an RPG, because I kept seeing an overhead map to show my location. It had to be only a part of the RPG, because I was only in one location with a caravan.

They were stuck in their location, they had no engines to move their wagon trains. They would wait for trains to pass on the nearby lines, and they would use some makeshift satellite and hacking utility to contact the engineer of the train via telephone. Once connected to the train, they’d ask the engineer to stop, come back, and let them tag on the end of the train to get out of there. Most of the engineers would refuse, ignore, or outright refuse. One even said, “It’s against our regulations to pick up wagon trains, and it’s illegal for wagon trains to ask!” My response, (I was the phone jockey) Then have them arrest us – they’ll drag our wagons out with us, and we’ll get what we want!”
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Dream 02.04.11

It started with two miniature landscapes inside aquariums, for use in a science project. One was to show the effects of erosion as from natural water falling, and the other for man-produced falling water (such as toilets and irrigation). On turned out smooth, while the other turn out more natural and jagged. They filled with water, and the ‘camera’ zoomed in as it started to snow on the natural landscape, and I was swimming in
the puddled waters.

I swam up to an edge, and met with Jorenko, and he joined me in the water. WE SWAM AND STUFF! Then we went
into this mansion and it was cool and we slept. th’nd

Dream 02.04.10

Dream one:

Two cats at my grandmothers house . . . a black male, and a calico tabby female. Weirdies. Too long ago to remember more.

Dream two:

Bath tubs and cats drinking from the water?

Dream three:
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Dream 02.04.09

I was herded into a bus, and forced into a seat. I looked around, and saw several others who were forced in as well. I silently gathered my surroundings, viewed the people, and faced forward in my seat. It was a yellow-bus style set up with the seats, and there were a variety of people. In the back, I had seen a young black man, in the middle seats, several white boys aged 13 to 20. I was seated near the front, and behind me, a rather obese man in blue.

The bus went on for a while, and I could tell there was something wrong. Everyone else seemed to be content, as if there were nothing at all wrong with this trip. I remained seated, clutching my bag. I removed what appeared to be a drumstick from my bag, and stuck it in a pocket.
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Dream 02.04.08

It’s strange not being able to just get up and type right when I have the dream, but here is one from last night.

I was in a death match of sorts, it looked JFGish, mainly because I saw Tank-Lupus in it. There were obvious doors and such around this place, and one of the players mentioned that there’s secret doors around. Rather than look around to kill the other players, I searched for the secret rooms.

After a while I found one, and squeezed inside, only to find games. A billion video games! And a TV, and some consoles. I started to play. Playing games is how you got weapons and bonuses. I started with Sonic 2 to get the speed boosts, but I was interrupted.
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