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Foreign Transaction Fees for USD to USD

I, like many others out there, avidly review my credit card statements. I view the card’s activity online before statements to make sure there aren’t any unauthorized purchases on there. I don’t think I’ve actually found any in the eight years I’ve had this card. When statements come around, I like to know exactly what finance charges are applied. This month, for the first time, I saw “FOREIGN TRANSACTION FEE*FINANCE.” Having never made a foreign transaction on this card, I immediately questioned it through their secure messaging system.

Date/Time: 05/13/09 07:22:15 PM
You wrote:
I would like more detail on the following as I do not recall making any foreign purchases:
05/12/2009 FOREIGN TRANSACTION FEE*FINANCE CHARGE $1.92 Transaction Type: 3 Post Date: 05/12/2009 Reference Number: 00000000 Charge To: Standard Purch

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Not every time we sleep do we reach a deep enough state to dream. For weeks my rest has been frequently interrupted and it seemed I’d never dream. After roaming around the house for some time in a half-coherent stupor (a state in which I seem to be able to do little more than care for Jonas and eat), I managed to sleep well in my short rests. It’s as if my body has me sleepwalking consciously during the day so that I may dream when I do sleep.

I dreamt that I was at a convention center for the purposes of an audition. It was for the part of some background character, only a few lines, from a comic or something equally nerdy that was being made into a movie. At the time the dream started, or at least what I recall, I had already finished my audition and was waiting for James to pick me up.

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Inner Conflict

Another image often stolen by tortured suburban teenagers finding random images on the internet and applying meaning where there is none, or applying their own meaning over the artist’s intent. This image shows another god character that was displaced battling internally; her original, non-god soul seeks to remind the new amalgam in charge that she was the first and she will not be brushed aside. This lady was intended to be a bit of a god killer, though born a mortal. Being mortal, she couldn’t properly destroy the souls of gods and they lived in her.


As I sit in this gliding rocker at 3 am, having just fed my son a bottle of milk, I’ve come to realise that I’ve done some impossible things.

Years ago, when some of my online friends first met me, I hated people. I couldn’t stand most social contact; I even despised others trying to strike up idle conversation in vain attempts to win friendship. The concept of dating horrified me as well. Spending so much time and money in hopes of finding someone to share your life, or at least the night, with. The whole world seemed to value the quantity of people known rather than the value. I felt stuck; I sought to gain a few good friends rather than an abundance of acquaintances. I wanted more than anything to have a best friend that would never leave my side.
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Early update today from the laptop. I woke up about a half hour ago unable to continue sleeping through a headache, so I took some painkillers. They kicked in finally, but only mildly, and the alarm’s going to go off soon … oh well. Two more angels and the god figure mentioned before. Metal/Gemstone angel thing and the silk one. I started drawing her in flash when I was in high school and never finished. I don’t have the flash file anymore so I can’t finish unless I start over. God figure lady doesn’t need wings, nor does she need to explain herself to you!

Images Unrelated To Content

I had a dream last night that they made yet another X-Files movie. Having not seen the previous movies, nor ever really watching the show once it developed a continuous plot (I much prefered monster-of-the-day type stuff from that show), this dream was rather odd.

It started with Mulder and Scully as a married couple seated at dinner. Scully was serving various foods with a one-ounce ice cream scoop to Mulder by placing them on a music stand while he read the newspaper. Suddenly, there’s a rumble. They panic and the camera immediately goes to the window to show a T-Rex is walking by. There’s another rumble and another until the T-Rex has gone away. “What terrible visuals,” I dream-think as I notice the choppy, unrealistic movement of the T-Rex, “The writers must want this to be a dream sequence.” No one wakes up, though, and the weirdness continues.

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Angels of Ice and Fire

Same images, different medium, different text.
My breech baby (who has hair already, I’m told. Yay ultrasounds!) is facing the the wrong way in both ways. It’s like he’s hugging my spine.
I had an extremely painful dream wherein my husband was tickling me so I was too busy gasping and giggling to be able to tell him that he was actually causing me a great deal of pain. When I woke up from it, shortly before the alarm went off, my back was still hurting just as bad.
Breech baby facing the wrong way means every contraction is BACK LABOR.

Angels of Ice and Fire

A couple of characters I never really went far with. There was one central god figure with angels assigned to different elements at her beck and call. In addition to these two were Silk (her wings were spiderwebs, too drow-like so I never really drew her), Metal (razorblade wings, I might have drawings of her I’ll post later), Wood (wings were leaves, body was treelike—think a flying dryad). That’s all I can recall right now. Also the story was based around each planet in the multi-verse having its own god figure, and the one that ruled these angels was created as a victim of one that lost her planet but managed to escape. Gosh, maybe I should write this story for once. I’ve had it in my head since high school.

Morphology of the Cork Board

Originally created 21 September 2002. The final project for Graphic Design I at the art academy I attended was to make a book. Not only did we have to write a story, we had to construct the book. The only limitation we had were the subject matter. We could either have an autobiography, or a story based on the rules set in “Morphology of the Folk Tale.” If you haven’t discerned from the title of this page, I chose the latter.

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Not angry, just annoyed

I usually go about my life assuming that people do not care about me or what I do. This is easy for me to handle because the amount of people who could possibly care account for such a minuscule fraction of the total population. Knowing this, I am usually content. However, this mindset assures me that I should not share with others what I am feeling, as they will most likely not care. If they do not care, then I would be telling them for the purpose of receiving attention. I do not care for insincerity.  This writing is intended for the internet with no target audience other than those who may stumble upon it and take interest. You don’t need to care. I don’t expect anyone to.
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