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Dream 02.01.05

I had a dream that I was at my grandmother’s house, but it was her old kitchen, the one she had before she had it remodeled. I was cooking/cleaning there for some reason. There was a knock at the door, and, for some reason it was Ettin. (Human, so Paul, I guess.) And he was shorter than me. I gave him snacks to munch on while he waited for whatever he was waiting for. Ah, we were waiting for Jorenko to return.

Once Jorenko arrived, we played some sort of game, and Ettin kept score on a piece of paper. He scanned it to make copies on the wrong scanner. The scanner he used was reserved for the school. (I don’t know.)

Later, we went outside. My family was there, The total group outside was Ettin, Jorenko, me (whoever I was.) Schroe (Amanda Schroeder), Aunt E, Mother, Grandmother, and a few others that were in a group to the side. This is what made me realize that the view I had was not through the eyes of Amanda Schroeder.

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Dream 02.01.04

I had a dream I was a character in an RPG, one of the party. The story started in a small village (as they all do) Where villains within where tossed over the gates in such a manner that they became were beasts once outside.

Josh , someone I went to high school with, was in this dream as an honest farmer blamed for the murder of a mill worker. He was thrown over the gates.

A group of fur traders from the north came into the village to sell furs. They were selling them cheap, so everyone went to look the best furs. While looking in the pile, I noticed a few of the furs had man-like faces, but distorted to look like an animal.

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Dream 01.12.27

I had a dream with a lot of Indian taxi drivers, an Arabic traveling salesman, and . . . pikmin?! It had pikmin in it. I remember how it started now . .
I was running around a pikmin simulation, collecting things, and the Arabic traveling salesman came by. All my friends took off their pikmin suits and ran to buy “Toffic,” whatever the hell that was. The bus the salesman had had signs with “TOFFIC TOFFIC TOFFIC” over the top. So we all got in line at the side, and when it was my turn, they were out of Toffic. So I bought Parasite Eve for Gamecube from him instead. He tried to sell me Pikmin as well, but I already had it. I also paid for some Toffic and he said he’d leave me a plate when he left. So I ran off to talk to my friends, and when he left, I got my Toffic, which was mashed potatoes, rice, and icing-coated pastries. Wild rice, the long grain stuff, not white rice.

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“And what’s your name?”
“Birdy? We already had a character named Birdy.”
“No no, VERDIE”
“Oh, right. Verdie. . .”
“Here, step over here, on this here, eh, button. You’ll find that these buttons are utensil sensitive . . . Meaning that they’re sensitive to, eh, utensils. Step on it, and the spoon comes up. It makes a noise, a THWOCK noise. Just like that, eh, THWOCK. Thwock . . . Eh, press S.”
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I built a tower once, neglected all my others for it.
And that tower fell under it’s own weight.
I’ve since been rebuilding my other towers.
But I didn’t have enough materials.
So bits of the fallen tower have gotten into my new ones.


I don’t know if you’ll see this
I don’t know if you’ll know it’s for you
But I will always be there
I’ll be there for you.


Life goes on without me
And I don’t want to let it
I don’t wanna rule the world
I just don’t want to be forgotten

dream 01.09.07

I had a dream that a friend of mine that I hadn’t seen in a long while came over. Imagine Joanna Dark, about 16-17 years old. In the dream, I was around 18-19. She came over, and we just sat in my room and talked. It turned out that she had run away from home, her mother just giving her too much pressure.
Later in the day, her mother came over, and started bitching up a storm. I said to her, “Just calm down a second, there’s something I want to show you.” I walked back into my room, the friend hiding in the corner. I grabbed a dragon-hilt dagger from my desk, and left my room. Luckily, the mother was facing the other way. I stabbed her in the back once, just below the shoulder blade. She screamed, and I said, “Don’t worry, it’ll be all over, soon . . . ”
She tried to run away, down the stairs. I grabbed her by the shoulder and threw her to the ground. I thought to myself, “She’ll bleed to much. Oh well.” and grabbed a sword from behind my couch. I unsheathed it and thrust it into her chest, killing her.
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dream 01.09.02

I had a dream last that that was rather … odd.

It started when we went to a Taco Bell. This Taco Bell was odd in two ways. One, it only servers nachos with chicken and white onions. Two, the restaurant was someone’s house. They were a bit busy, so I went in to the house and what see? Cammi works there! Oddly enough, we walk outside just for the hell of it. While we’re traversing the docks, we notice that we’re unbelievably close to Cedar Point. So I begin explaining all the rides to her. The rides look nothing like their real life counterparts, but I explain them to Cammi as if they were. We get closer to the fence of Cedar Point and peer in. While looking in, we somehow ARE in. Inside, we met up with Cobra. We went inside one of the many buildings, and it was a daycare of some sort. Cobra went into the lower levels to pester a pair of prats, and I remained on the upper deck. Read more