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Dinosaur Hunter

Forbes published an article about the company I work for.

They got a few things wrong in that first paragraph.


Last Saturday, my son woke up around eight at night with some goobers in his eyes. Turns out he had pinkeye. Got some eye drops for him and it cleared up. I warned my coworker who had come over that day with her daughter to watch out for it in case her kid got it.

Last Monday, I went to the doctor because my back was killing me. For my lower back, he cracked it and all was good. For my upper back, he wanted me to start taking my muscle relaxants again. I stopped taking them due to breastfeeding, so now I just get to live with the pain and hope Tylenol will work.

Last Tuesday, I woke up feeling as if I’d swallowed barbed wire. I called off work and slept in. Eventually this great glob of blood and mucus came out of my nose, ( gross) straight from my sinuses. It came out while I was breathing normally, no coughing or blowing. I felt better for a while.

Last Wednesday, I went to work feeling one hundred percent better than I had on Monday. I had to leave early, though, because my son had a fever.

Last Thursday, the guy who sits next to me at work called off. I started having coughing fits. My husband stayed home with our son since he couldn’t go to day care.

Last Friday, I was having coughing fits pretty regularly. I felt fine, except for the coughing.

Yesterday, I couldn’t sleep through the night due to the coughing. I waited until my husband got up and slept fitfully during the morning.

Today, I’m up again for the same reasons, except now I have pinkeye.

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Work stuff…

There seems to be this theory at work that “Tech I”s will do nothing but monitoring all day every day. I don’t think I’ve ever done that here. This means, when a supervisor or program manager, or even the department head asks me, “On average, what percentage of your day is spent on [customer]?” I can’t answer truthfully.

There are days where I don’t even monitor them. There are days where I only monitor and handle emergencies. There are days when I spend all day on them. Because I cannot dedicate my day to the customer, I will never “finish” their alarms, nor will I ever be “caught up.” I simply cannot get them a valid answer to the question.

Without an answer to that question, I cannot answer their next question. (Note: Today is not the first time they have asked me this series of questions.) “If you were able to monitor the alarms using [new software], how much faster do you think you could do the same number of alarms?” No baseline, no way to compare to other customers. Really. Can’t answer that question.
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Not angry, just annoyed

I usually go about my life assuming that people do not care about me or what I do. This is easy for me to handle because the amount of people who could possibly care account for such a minuscule fraction of the total population. Knowing this, I am usually content. However, this mindset assures me that I should not share with others what I am feeling, as they will most likely not care. If they do not care, then I would be telling them for the purpose of receiving attention. I do not care for insincerity.  This writing is intended for the internet with no target audience other than those who may stumble upon it and take interest. You don’t need to care. I don’t expect anyone to.
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Lack of Focus

I feel like utter crap right now. I have a headache so bad that it hurts to focus my eyes (yet I still came to work today). I find myself staring into nothingness for indeterminate periods of time, which is severely reducing my productivity. Then, I start thinking that there are people I work with who behave like this every day. Do they have headaches constantly? Or do they just get the stupid effects without the pain? I can’t possibly imagine living like this, even without the pain, every day of my life.


What I thought was allergies over the weekend fucking with my head has culminated into something more sinister. My stomach feels to be in knots, or having difficulty passing a bowling ball through my intestines or something. By gum, this is WORSE THAN MENSTRUAL CRAMPS, and that’s something, oh boy. I once described cramps to my husband as feeling like someone grabbed my insides, just behind the naval, with needle-nose pliers and was twisting for hours.

I truly despise being ill. Not only am I going to miss a day of work, I am mostly incapable of doing anything around the house. Back when I worked as a wage-slave drone at a grocery store, I was thankful of days I was really sick. I have problems lying just to get a day off. Now that I work somewhere that actually benefits from my attendance and productivity at work, I feel terrible missing a day.
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