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They had me fill out a questionnaire before I moved in so that they could group girls by similar interests/backgrounds.

The only thing we have in common she also has in common with countless others.

They paired us up because we both came from Ohio.


Manivane rules. She made din din for me


Jesus fucking Christ, she just gets stupider and stupider.

I dail up, so I can upload my homework to my host so that I can download it at school and work on it there.

“Um, could you not got online, I’m waiting for a call from Ben.”

“He’s not going to call in the five minutes or less that it’ll take me to do this.”

“I’m waiting for him to call so I can leave.”
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Christ, I never thought I’d see Jessica as more evil than Amy

Jessica has this grand idea for me to invide schnorks back over here, so she can heavily flirt with him for the soul purpose of making him uncomfortable.

Dream 02.05.08

The first dream I remembered until five minutes ago, when Amy decided that she needed to make a phone call with the cordless phone in the room I’m sleeping in, even though the other two large rooms were empty.

The second dream began with the end of everything as we know it. And then, everything became based on color. Old religion was gone, and instead, people worshiped the God of Red, god of Black, etc. People would dress accordingly to their faith. Jorenko and I worshiped the god of Blue, which makes much sense. We often fought with the God of Yellow’s people. We were allies with the God of Black’s people. And, for whatever reason, I was the leader of the Blue peoples. Jorenko and I bounced a lot in this dream, but that’s to be expected since I miss him so damned much.

First dream had something to do with Alan, a guy in my classes at school. I still can’t remember a damned thing . . . And Amy’s asking if she can use my hairbrush. She’s lost hers, and instead of looking for it, she wants to use mine.

Dream 02.04.25

Bitch Amy wakes me up by screaming about how she’s late for an interview.

I had a dream I was visiting home, and doing laundry. I folded a pair of socks, and stuffed them into my travel bag. I get dressed into my normal outfit, and put on a coat. Mom and I go somewhere, and drive back in a blue viper. She drops me off at Kroger’s with my satchel, and my Zim lunchbox. I walk around Kroger’s, and it’s suddenly ten times better than it used to be, it’s like a whole mall now, but all the cash registers are in the front. I walk to the back, where the Hot Topic is (in real life, there is no hot topic in Kroger’s) and it’s not there, just the leftover merchandise. Everything’s on clearance. I look for a new lunchbox to hold a digital camcorder I got from my grandmother (Nana has one, but I don’t think I’ll ever get it from her).
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Dream 02.04.22

It was a Brazil type dream. I show up for work or something in this large, ornate room with some sort of statue at the center. I never got a good look at it. I was dressed in a long coat and a white swimsuit. Over the swim suit, I had a dress. I headed toward the public unisex bathrooms of the place, and tried to find a stall that had a working toilet. No luck. I went to go leave, but everyone had to leave by walking through this anti-septic pit. It was thick and gooey, and it looked just plain gross. People were in it, struggling their way through. There was a guy at the edge trying to get girls to go through nude or topless. I brushed him off and went through. When I got out, Jorenko was waiting for me. We went into the coat room to get our stuff. While he was searching for his coat and some other thing, I was wiping the goo off my coat and hair. He finally got his stuff, but decided not to wear his coat, even though it was really cold outside. Outside, there was a truck with posters all over the inside, and boxes of them, too. I stole a poster, even though I didn’t know what it said.
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