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My roommate is threating to fail out of school to make her parents lose a lot of money, because she’s unhappy here.

Update 2:00 pm

She got off the phone and prepared to go out for a cigarette, so I joined her. She’s actually the only roommate I can almost tolerate right now, so I decided to play the “good friend” and listen to her vent. Yay me.


Is social interaction with people who think that appearance is more important than character even worth it?

New Roommates

I’ve got no problem that Ashley is a stripper.
I’ve got no problem that Kara’s a fucking lush.
I’ve got no problem that Lametria’s dumb as bricks.

I do have a problem that they think that because I have internet access, and they pay rent here, that they are entitled to use my connection without paying for the costs.

This is not Road Rules or The Real World.
They are not my friends.
They are not my sisters.
They share an apartment with me, nothing else.
I do not wish to spend time with them, ever.

new ‘mate

Well, my new roommate is moving in at four am.

EDIT: Nope, the message taker was a git. New roomie called, she’s coming in at 10AM


Candice came home at around 1:30 pm today (she didn’t come home the night before) and has been sleeping since then.


I am so glad to be already showered. It’s 10:46, and as far as Candace knows, I just woke up.

And she just got in the shower.


The fucking bitch did it again.

Christ, she’s fucking stupid. She wakes up a full three hours before me, and doesn’t take a shower until the moment I get up.

Fuck it, I’m going to class late.

Update: The bitch gets out of the shower fifty minutes after she gets in.

I get in the shower 7 minutes after that, because she’s decided that she NEEDS to apply her makeup in the bathroom. (there’s 3 mirrors elsewhere in the apartment, yet she needs that one.)

I get in the shower, spent fifteen minutes in the bathroom altogether, including changing clothes.

I walk out of the bathroom, and the bitch LOCKED THE FUCKING BEDROOM DOOR.

So I wait another ten minutes for her to get out of there, so I can get my stuff for class.

Dammit, bitch, have some fucking consideration.


Candice fails to realize that we are not friends with her, we merely live with her.

Today, she decided to bitch to Jessica about me.

“I bet she just told Jake flat out that the bottles were mine, she probably didn’t even try to cover for me!” She says.

Why the fuck would I risk anything for that bitch? She seems to think that she’s done nothing wrong.

One of her excuses that she thought of telling Jake to get her off the hook for having 10 partially empty Corona bottles sitting on the counter was that she had a “bottle cap collection.”

One more thing.

Candace walked in while Jessie and I were reading my LJ, and Jessie asked, “Is there anything in there about me?” before we noticed she was there. I said, “Nothing bad.” Then Can chimed in, “What about me?”

ARG. “I’ve got stuff about everyone in there.”

“Can I read?” She asks.

“No, it’s my diary. I’m only showing Jessie the funny stuff.”

“Yeah, she won’t even let me read most of it,” Jessie pipes in. Thank you, Jess.

Can tries to read over my shoulder, but I keep the screen pinned to the Ninja Missions.

After a while, she gives up, sprays on a bunch of awful smelling perfume, and walks off.

News In Six Parts

I get home.

News: Jessie bought her cell phone.
News 2: Candice has purchased CASES of alcohol and has been consuming it all day.

News 3: At the arcade, I started a new craze. Random … on hard mode. I was the first to try it, and I’m still the only one who can do it.
News 4: I tried Beethoven on Hard for the first time today. C.
News 5: I tried Turkey March today. F. OH WELL. At least I tried!
News 6: See 3, but replace Hard with Doubles.


Okay, a few things about yesterday.

Some people just don’t know what to ask when shopping.

When I mentioned that I needed to go to Walgreens to get some bathroom cleaner, Jessie asked if I’d go cell phone shopping with her. At first, I thought it was because she just figured we could go do stuff at the same time. Nope.

We go into Radio shack, and she had me doing all the talking, asking about all the features, battery life, screen sizes, rate plans, etc.

(While I was talking, the manager handed me an application and said “We need good people.”)

Second thing about yesterday.

I called my grandmother, because, frankly, I was worried. I had that dream about her, and last time I had a dream about her, she was hurt. So I called.


lub gramma

She said my brother and I are her favorite grandchildren. (out of 8 misfits total) :o
Grammy usually doesn’t say things like this, so I actually believe her.
More proof: I’m the only person she’s giving her gingerbread recipe to. She never gave it to any of her kids :o