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Jurack Family Game Night

Saturday night, we had my husband’s side of the family over for our bi-monthly family game night. One of the games suggested by Kim has the lovely title of “Eat Poop You Cat” (a name no doubt inspired by results of a round of the game). The basic premise of the game is that you play telephone on a sheet of paper, and in order to garble the message, every other person draws. It starts with a sentence at the top from one person. The next person draws that sentence, and folds the paper so that only the image is visible. The next writes what they think the original message was that produced that image, they then fold the image away. The next draws that sentence, and so on. I think it works best with an odd number of people, so that when your paper gets back to you, it’s a sentence again.

Round one, we passed to the left.  The seating arrangement was me, James to the left, Dan to the left, , then Kim, Sandy, Lindy, Brett, and back to me.


A grown man sobbing into his pizza a midnight.
Being an extremely sad person eating a pizza with your tail.
I’m sorry I stained my pants with pizza.
I spilled pepperoni pizza on my jeans and I’m sad.


Frodo biting off Gollum’s finger.
3 men in a cave and one is smacking the other guy while he throws up + the other is shocked.
The caveman puked and his friends watched.
Superman vomiting after toking some bad weed while a two-legged horse runs away.


An angry old man eating cereal.
There’s a marshmallow in every bite!
Three tanks in a row without cannons from an aerial perspective.
An endless line of Allied tanks rolling into Germany.


Nintendo Mario punched a zombie in the back of the head.
Mario slapped the baby and made him cry.
Toadstool shaking a spoon, sadly, at a crying baby in a push-car.


The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
A cat swipes his paws at a dog laying on the ground.
Cat trolls dog and dog doesn’t care.
A spider scared the cat + made him poop while a small dog rode on a big dog that was wagging his tail.


The baby spilled the spaghetti.
A baby spilling food off the high chair, breaking a dish.
A baby crying in his highchair with a sippy cup on it and a broken egg on the floor.
Mama, I dropped my eggs—can I have some more?! PLEASE!


Abraham Lincoln loves riding a T-Rex at the moon.
A Victorian gentleman escapes Armageddon by going back in time and riding a a T-Rex to the moon.
The cable man rode a T-Rex through the clouds.
I rode my T-Rex up into the clouds.

Round two, we passed to the right.  The seating arrangement was me, Brett, Lindy, Sandy, Kim, Dan, and James.


I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee.
Robin Hood shot his buddy in the leg and smiled about it, while another villager hid behind a tree.
Robin Hood shot the bad guy in the leg while Little Jon hid behind a tree.
The larpers got caught up in a volcanic eruption.


The baby feet smell like stinky cheese!
My feet stink as bad as Limburger cheese! Peeuuuuu
OH MY GOD! My stinky feet turned into a pizza-mouse!
Fuck! I have stinky pizza feet again.


Two brothers sporting mustaches rode a whale into town.
Three mustached men rode a whale into a village.
Three mustachioed men ride a blue whale through town.
A mariachi band ride a whale through town.


Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffit, eating some curds + whey.
Little Miss Muffet sat on a mushroom (tuffet?) eating her cereal. While along came a spider…
Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet eating of curds and whey. The spider like to watch.
Little Miss Muffet dipper her finger in a piece of cake, not giving two shits about the spider that sat down beside her.


The elf rode the unicorn as they leapt over a rainbow.
Bird-man was surprised by a noise behind him while jumping over rainbow on unicorn.
An angel cheers on a unicorn jumping over a rainbow.
Somewhere over the rainbow unicorns + angels fly.


A man naked from the waist down playing the trombone
A man plays the trombone while pants-less and commando.
The trombonist in the UT marching band forgot his pants and everyone saw his family jewels.
Naked marching band.


Don’t milk that cow, it’s sick!
Don’t milk the cow yet, son. It just pooped and left a pile on the ground.
Let’s go get some cow poop to fertilize the garden!
A dopey cow pooped all up them flowas.


I ended up sleeping until after everyone had left … then going back to sleep again until about 5 pm. I guess I wasn’t feeling well.

Catalyst 50+

Older version of a character I previously painted.

Dr. Sketchy’s January 2011

Selected drawings from my visit to Dr. Sketchy’s Cleveland for Demeber 2010, model was Danielle.

Dr. Sketchy’s December 2010

Selected drawings from my visit to Dr. Sketchy’s Cleveland for Demeber 2010, model was Danielle.


“Deadly Virus Man” was the screen name created by a wannabe hacker twelve-year-old that played the MMO “Otherworld” created by “Ettin Industries,” which was a company run by characters within a roleplaying universe known as the “Corkie Commune.” DVM is a triple troll.

DVM is a character in a character I used to role play. The group usually stuck to one universe that visited other universes. The Commune was sort of a limboish place that existed slightly left of reality and could only be first reached by necessity. One RP member decided that he wanted to play a different universe, but rather than start a story up in that universe, he had some convoluted idea. Instead of a new universe with new characters, he introduced an MMO that the characters played, and we were going to play our characters playing their characters. It was pretty obvious to me that he wanted to do a new universe, and I’m still not quite certain why he didn’t just say it. He still has some characters he made up for it in his D&D playing. All characters I made for this universe were silly and lighthearted.
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Bus (SB, Schoolbus), started as a Dwarf Hunter character in World of Warcraft. Lame, I know, but that’s where she started. She spent her adventuring days hanging around with Underground (UG, Yuji), a man twice her height. Her adventuring days came to a permanent end when the account for Underground was hijacked and banned. My husband and I no longer play WoW.
In WoW, Bus had a flying snake named Aeroplane. She used to have a cat named Shortbus, but a GM determined that Shortbus was an insult and her name was changed to Littlebus. (I had another character’s pet renamed when they failed to recognize the greatness of Bagpuss.)

Bus later evolved in my mind, as I never wrote anything about her, into a young woman who left her family behind to go adventuring. Her life was rather droll, having everything she needed come to her whenever she wanted. She felt her life lacked a certain spark.
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Chicago Schroe

Like most of my work from near a decade ago, I’m embarrassed of “Chicago Schroe” now. And like most of my recent posts, I’m still going to share it with the Internet. Hopefully some unenlightened tween will see it and think, “Maybe I shouln’t publish my Sonic/Mario/Mega Man webcomic lest I become an object of anonymous ridicule as this person has.”

The art was simple, but inconsistent. The plot was based around my interests and acquaintances. It was terrible. When I got around to attempting a consistant art style, my hard drive failed. All data was lost, including the original flash files. I didn’t care, I just gave up.

Bad Art, Bad Ideas

Characters for some failed RPG given up on by some irc network starring the opers as npcs or something. The only thing I really remember about it was I was a sniper chick. Oh, and the reason I quit the project was because everyone designing it had a raging hard-on for Square and refused to make the game battle system not be based on a Final Fantasy game or Chronotrigger. And they wanted materia and summons. And they were going to summon characters from Square games.

Edit: Added more sketches related to this. All from late 2000, early 2001.


Ba, the troll shaman. Fwump. Drawn in December 2004 because I hadn’t drawn much in a while then. Used WoW character as reference. This was somewhere around level 30.


As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, stuff started from a watercolor of the ice angel. On the right you will find the mutilated image. For some reason, after scanning original a decade ago I plonked it into photoshop and inverted it and possible put it through other tortures (filters) as well. Don’t ask me what’s up with that scarf or hair or whatever, because I seriously do not know. No one knows.
Edit: Hehe, here’s the original pencil sketch (on the left). I know I have more pre-paint planning doodles somewhere . . . probably in storage.