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Double Header

Two images, related (contain one same character). Originally posted on LJ May 20, 2002 @ 0:41. Secret AGENT Schroe, secret AGENT Schroe . . . Arg, more contractions. Woke up a bunch of times with painless ones, but they still woke me up. I didn’t bother timing them at all last night. Now I’m tweeting them to timestamp them. Gosh, this current one hurts a big more than the others.

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As much as I try to think that I’m not like my dad, I look at my signature and see the same “Schroeder” . . .

Serial Adder

Some russian loser is adding just about everyone he/she can find onto her friends list. She’s at 750 now, up from 643 yesterday. She shares no friends or interests with me, yet she added me. She keeps posting replies to people’s comments in a “spooky” and “mysterious” manner, like a 12 year old in a role-play chat trying to be the cloaked figure in the corner with the dark past.

Watch out for diethylamide, and block her if she ever comments on your journal. If you post a comment on one of her many entries of how much she loves her new friends, you’ll be met with posts from people who’ll whine that it’s not your right to ask to be removed.

Dream 02.11.27

This is the third time I’ve had a dream where Jorenko is Neo.

Neo was sent back in time to help something in the 1970s, but he was having trouble. Upon entry into the 1970s, he landed in some telephone wires. He struggled in them, but didn’t die from crossed wires. (I remember saying in the dream how stupid the director was for letting that pass final edit.)

He landed between two old cars as one drove off. The car that drove off contained Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. He was supposed to help them, and he just missed them. He chased after them across the parking lot, but didn’t catch up. He stood at the end of the lot, next to a brick building, and looked shamed.
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Maria isn’t here, and her bed is made.
Since she is always home when it’s this late, and she never makes her bed unless she’s going home, it’s safe to assume I most likely won’t see her until next week.

Thank god.



I have received you text files and e-mail address. I will not be in town until next Tuesday afternoon. I am telling everyone that the yelling must stop. Yelling constitutes verbal abuse and is considered a breach of our lease agreement. Evictions will follow any yelling instances. Do not give me a cause to evict.

I will gather as much detail as I can and will try to resolve this. My options will include the transferring of students. Please do what you can to maintain the peace until this gets resolved. You are allowed to disagree but you are not allowed to yell.
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Dream 02.11.26

28K on Maria*hatey, 216K on Dreams.

Anyway, this is the second time I had a dream about another school, wherin it was both IADT and “The school I was supposed to go to.”

It started with us walking into the offices to discuss financial issues. The offices looked like that of a CEO’s penthouse office – we expected everyone to be rude, but they were very nice.

I don’t know the significance, but Rebecca Sanford was in the dream, and I was complaining that she got to go to this school, and that she wasn’t even an artist. (Rebecca Sanford was the girl I was constantly stuck next to in alphabetical order in school)
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A half hour ago, Maria came into the room to start getting ready.

Of course, I woke, but I did not get up. I sat in my bed and watched through half-closed eyes as she opened and slammed the closet door without going in.
She left the room.
I turned. If I was going to be forced up because of sound, I didn’t want to be forced because of light.
I listened as she went through some bag, possibly a makeup bag, and rattled the contents.
I listened as she moved the bottles on her desk without hearing her use one.
I then listened for a full thirty seconds or more the crinkling of a plastic water bottle.
She was either trying to wake me up, or she just decided to not care that I was sleeping.

Maria & Showers

Ashley and I realised that Maria never takes showers. Ever.

She doesn’t even take baths.

She washes her hair in the sink. I don’t know if she washes anything else or not.

Ashley’s Theory on Maria

Ashley thinks that Maria might be suffering from drug withdrawal.

Makes some sense, I suppose, but I still think she’s just stupid, in a mentally handicapped fashion. This might have lead to the constant spoiling she’s used to, and why her parents always let her get away with things—she may just be a retard.

Her behavior makes somewhat more sense, if I think about it like that.

Does that mean I have to start treating her like she’s special?

Fuck no. If she’s going to try and live in the real world, she’s going to be treated like she’s living in the real world.