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Art 9/4/2012

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Here are some things I did for an art class. Criteria was 8″x8″, inspired by urban scenes, and

One simple symmetry:

One bi-axial symmetry:

One basic asymmetry:

One balanced asymmetry:

6/8 art

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Septa Mordane!

Art 5/11

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via Twitter:

A Bundt cake that hides a terrible secret


via facebook:

Japanese firetrucks!


couple more things:

Wednesday Art 04-13-11

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Hail Lord Monkeypig.

Wednesday Art 4-6

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Monday/Wednesday Art 3/28 & 3/30

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Man-o-War Man

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Can’t believe I forgot to put this up.

Dr. Sketchy’s December 2010

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Selected drawings from my visit to Dr. Sketchy’s Cleveland for Demeber 2010, model was Danielle.

Watercolor Octopus

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