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ART – “Baby James Franco”

ink on paper – 2018

For the last three years or so I’ve been going to a weekly trivia at The Side Quest. At some point early on, I started drawing things (usually related to the team names we chose) for the host of the quiz. Each one of them kept the drawings (as far as I know) and took them with them as they moved on. The newest quizmaster was previously the scorekeeper, so he was aware of this tradition. He’d also earned himself the nickname of “Baby James Franco”.

This is the first drawing he’s received as quizmaster!

Art 9/4/2012

Here are some things I did for an art class. Criteria was 8″x8″, inspired by urban scenes, and

One simple symmetry:

One bi-axial symmetry:

One basic asymmetry:

One balanced asymmetry:

6/8 art

Septa Mordane!

Art 5/11

via Twitter:

A Bundt cake that hides a terrible secret


via facebook:

Japanese firetrucks!


couple more things:

Wednesday Art 4-6

Monday/Wednesday Art 3/28 & 3/30

Man-o-War Man


Can’t believe I forgot to put this up.

Dr. Sketchy’s December 2010

Selected drawings from my visit to Dr. Sketchy’s Cleveland for Demeber 2010, model was Danielle.

Watercolor Octopus