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Today’s update is all thirteen episodes of Hatt.
I make no claims of quality, coherence, or … whatever.
No mind-altering drugs were consumed in the making of these comics (my pothead roommates hadn’t moved in yet).
Baby news coming tomorrow afternoon.

Hatt 13

#13 Rantt Ô_õ 12/11

My my mind draws a blank.

Hatt 12

#12 Rantt Ô_õ 12/7

J Jorenko (9:59:01 PM): update hatt
J Jorenko (9:59:03 PM): NOW
Schroe Dot Org (9:59:14 PM): …
Schroe Dot Org (9:59:16 PM): ;_;
J Jorenko (9:59:21 PM): NOW

Hatt 11

#11 Rantt Ô_õ 11/19

I had this one planned for a while, but I never got around to drawing it. The content may or may not be humorous now, depending on your understanding of the situation.
Allow me to assist. The Sim in the red shirt represents my math teacher who looks surprisingly similar, both in face and dress. The female Sim he is speaking to is supposed to be me, even though I look nothing like that, and would never be caught dead in that color of sweater.

This is an actual conversation, wherein he was attempting to show the other students how easy it is to break down a number into its prime factors.

Hatt 9

#9 Rantt Ô_õ 11/11

I love Jorenko.

Hatt 10

#10 Rantt Ô_õ 11/8

I love Dr. Lee influences.

Hatt 8

#8 Rantt Ô_õ 10/30

I forgot my pens at home today.
As well as my unlined paper.

But the good news is that I have hair gel. HOORAY FOR ANIME HAIR!

Hatt 7

#7 Rantt Ô_õ 10/29

Today’s comic stars a hunting Kerin-Schroe. It also stars a hunted Rat.

And then a Jorenko.

Hatt 6

#6 Rantt Ô_õ 10/23

The only thing I have to say about today’s comic is:
“On a single toss of one die, find the probability of obtaining:
a. a number divisible by 3 (for example, 6 is divisible by 3 because 3 divides 6 evenly; that is, the remainder is zero)
b. a number divisible by 5
c. a number divisible by 2
d. a number divisible by 1
e. a number less than 1
f. a number less than 7”

This is from a college level math book.

And there are people in my class who do not get it.

Hatt 5

#5 Rantt Ô_õ 10/22

Philosophy class today.
Philosophy is a pretty funny history to study, because it’s all about thought. The old philosphers thought one thing, and the modern philosphers (represented by the child) took it further, which would have blown the minds of the old schools. Some of the things said in modern philosophy would be considered blashphemy in ancient times. As for the final panel, the spider takes it one step further and blows them both away. The text in the comic is nothing more than: (Teacher) Question everything. (Child) Why? (Spider) Why not?