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A few years back when Jorenko and I still had the dream of making video games, we came up with the concept of making a music-based platformer that, if you did everything exactly right in the run through, you got a great song by the end of it.

Of course, we gave up on that as we are procrastinators of the highest caliber.

Thankfully, GaijinGames are not procrastinators. I finally got around to buying BIT.TRIP RUNNER yesterday. It is AMAZING.

A Crab

yep. tasty.

Red Gloves

It’s been more than a year since I put those gloves on.

Mon Petite Choufleur

Blue Scout's Mother

Blue Scout's Mother

inspired by Valve’s “Meet the Spy” video

TF2 popgun

Pyro’s flare gun done up as a wooden popgun, will do more changes if I feel like it.

just some doodle

blah so tired


May 20 2006
Oh geez, I put a lot of effort into to. I’m really surprised at what I can do now, after spending so much time doing nothing at all.

This is Ba, a troll shaman from World of Warcraft in the dungeon 1 set, “Elements.”

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Height Disparity

A couple of our old characters on WoW, Schoolbus and Underground. UG (along with Ba’s counterpart, Mo) were stolen a long while back after Jorenko and I quit WoW. We didn’t find out until a year or more after the fact when we tried to reactivate our accounts. Mine was fine, his was locked. For 6 months, Blizzard did nothing but tell us to send in some forms, including a notarized declaration of ownership of the account (to that I say, “W. T. F.” After buying new accounts and playing for a few months, we realized why we quit in the first place: it’s not that fun. We can grind in other games for free. Also the social aspect of the game sucks. Anyway, doodles.

Evil D&D

So at some point, when I was making decent art and didn’t have a job to get in the way of spending 13 hours straight on it, I did commissions. This is Azrael Dregnus, Paladin of Slaughter, done up for an online buddy. This was his D&D 3.5e character for an evil campaign. (The idea was to be running two games, where the players played both the good guys and the bad guys, and eventually they’d meet up.) The outline was done in Illustrator and the coloring and shading in Photoshop.

Progress shots, taken every hour or so: 1 2 3 3.2 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Originally created 1 August 2006

TF2 Tards

Alright kids, I made these. A year ago. They are vector traces of the shoulder patches on the TF2 classes.

I’ve had people ask for the AI file of these. You can have one when you put the effort into making them.

I’ve had people ask for the larger versions I posted TF2chan a while back. Those are here for the time being.

I’ve seen people claim that the Scout and Spy patches are “beta” or other retarded assumptions even though it says in the original post’s description that I MADE THEM UP. There exist, created by Valve, the REAL Spy and Scout patches. I do not have tracings of those nor do I have any interest in tracing them on request. Spy one can be found on the Spy t-shirt Valve sells. Scout one can be seen on the Scout update page.

I MADE THIS SET. There may be people who have traced their own. There may be other people out there who are using this set without crediting me. They are not stealing my ideas, they are just cheapening my effort. I am not so attached to these things that I’ll deny anyone use of them, but that goes for THESE ONLY. My other tf2 stuff should not be used by other people without asking or crediting me, ESPECIALLY the non-traced stuff.