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Chicago Schroe

Like most of my work from near a decade ago, I’m embarrassed of “Chicago Schroe” now. And like most of my recent posts, I’m still going to share it with the Internet. Hopefully some unenlightened tween will see it and think, “Maybe I shouln’t publish my Sonic/Mario/Mega Man webcomic lest I become an object of anonymous ridicule as this person has.”

The art was simple, but inconsistent. The plot was based around my interests and acquaintances. It was terrible. When I got around to attempting a consistant art style, my hard drive failed. All data was lost, including the original flash files. I didn’t care, I just gave up.


Today’s update is all thirteen episodes of Hatt.
I make no claims of quality, coherence, or … whatever.
No mind-altering drugs were consumed in the making of these comics (my pothead roommates hadn’t moved in yet).
Baby news coming tomorrow afternoon.

Corkies Comics

marker drawings yayThe update for today consists of 26 new (old) updates posted today and backdated to years long past because I don’t know when they were originally made. There are these people I knew online and I sometimes drew crappy comics based on their jokes or my emo crap, and we had a hell of a lot of fun just freestyle roleplaying and stuff. Some of these were made when I was still in high school, some during my stay in Chicago. It’s done now, I have no reason to start it up again.

Go read the Corkies archive and hate me for what I did 7 or more years ago.

Corkies 26


And that’s the last comic.

Corkies 25

Second comic with a proper timestamp for its creation. Backdated to the original date it was uploaded. LET’S SEE HOW LONG THIS COMEBACK LASTED!
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Pencil doodle includes Happy Bob.

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Corkies 24

First comic with a proper timestamp for its creation. Backdated to the original date I attempted to bring Corkies back.
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GIS (Google Image Search) again.

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Hatt 13

#13 Rantt Ô_õ 12/11

My my mind draws a blank.

Hatt 12

#12 Rantt Ô_õ 12/7

J Jorenko (9:59:01 PM): update hatt
J Jorenko (9:59:03 PM): NOW
Schroe Dot Org (9:59:14 PM): …
Schroe Dot Org (9:59:16 PM): ;_;
J Jorenko (9:59:21 PM): NOW

Hatt 11

#11 Rantt Ô_õ 11/19

I had this one planned for a while, but I never got around to drawing it. The content may or may not be humorous now, depending on your understanding of the situation.
Allow me to assist. The Sim in the red shirt represents my math teacher who looks surprisingly similar, both in face and dress. The female Sim he is speaking to is supposed to be me, even though I look nothing like that, and would never be caught dead in that color of sweater.

This is an actual conversation, wherein he was attempting to show the other students how easy it is to break down a number into its prime factors.

Hatt 9

#9 Rantt Ô_õ 11/11

I love Jorenko.