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Some Art 2-16-16

frisk2-16-16-2ibis2-16-16frisk2-16-16 sans2-16-16

someone I follow on tumblr hosted a drawpile so I drew some Undertale stuff.

Fire Luen

Luens are the physical embodiment of goleuni, and this here is a fire one. Nowadays the leuni doesn’t completely take over a being, but it’s still inside.

Art 11-16-11

Oh, you impressionists.

Concerning yourselves with how you paint rather than what!

How I Feel

What the art?

Big Horn Sheep oh look I can still draw

As usual, click the image for the larger version.
I don’t know who this guy is other than he’s a warrior and probably hangs out with the Necromantrix somewhere. The name Ofydd came from a random name generator, and I stuck with Welsh again.

A Crab

yep. tasty.

lower jaw

the detail (what little there is) is lost in the smaller version
oh well

Keep On Sappin’

Click for larger version. Its based on a small portion of a mass of doodles that someone liked, so I redrew it for him.


Yup. A blue seahorse. To go with the purple octopus and orange fish.