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Memento Mori – parody

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Some Art 2-16-16

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frisk2-16-16-2ibis2-16-16frisk2-16-16 sans2-16-16

someone I follow on tumblr hosted a drawpile so I drew some Undertale stuff.

Fire Luen

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Luens are the physical embodiment of goleuni, and this here is a fire one. Nowadays the leuni doesn’t completely take over a being, but it’s still inside.

Art 9/4/2012

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Here are some things I did for an art class. Criteria was 8″x8″, inspired by urban scenes, and

One simple symmetry:

One bi-axial symmetry:

One basic asymmetry:

One balanced asymmetry:

Art 11-16-11

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Art 9-3

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7/25 art

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Meddyg Morlawe fashioned her meddyg robes into a squid hood.

7/18 Art

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6/8 art

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Septa Mordane!

5/25 art

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