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Allcare Dental

I decided to call Allcare again to try and get things taken care of since 1) the voicemails I left 04-22 were never acknowledge by way of returning my call and 2) the email I sent never received a response.

So today, I left a voicemail for their billing department again.
I then called the offices, and the automated system directed me to a call-center. I explained the situation to the CSR and she said that I will have to call the office I went to, and gave me the number (the same number I had dialed). I told her that I already did, and it directed me to her. She then offered to transfer me to the office. I asked her if she was listening to me, because I told her the office directed me to the number I reached her at. She then offered to leave a message for the office. I asked her why she would even offer that when the office just directs me to the 800 number call center for billing issues? “Please hold while I transfer you.” I hung up.

There’s no actual office number for the site that lets you speak to a person. The local 216 number forwards to the 800 number. You don’t even speak to a person to schedule and appointment. Am I really going to have to go into the office personally and tell them to resubmit the information? I’m under the impression that once service is billed, it’s no longer in the local office’s hands, so I don’t see how that plan will help at all.

I called back and spoke to a generic services rep by hitting 0 repeatedly. She offered to transfer me to the billing number. I explained that I’d rather not since no one ever answers, nor do they return calls left in voicemail. She asked when I last called, and I told her last Thursday at 2 pm.

“Well there’s only 5 people in billing and they’re working as fast as they can.” They can’t do better than a week? How many bills are they screwing up? (Maybe if they didn’t do it on purpose, they wouldn’t have so many calls.)

I gave up and asked her to transfer me to Amy’s line again. I don’t want to keep bugging her about this since this should just be a simple issue, but I’m getting no response at all from billing. Her voicemail greeting told me she was on vacation and she’d be returning three days ago. Yeah, she got back Monday, supposedly. And was gone part of last week. She left an extension for someone else in her voicemail, but I’m not calling it. Why bother someone else when Amy is supposed to be back from vacation?

I really am getting sick of this bullshit.

Allcare Dental

Allcare dental sent me a bill claiming it’s over 90 days old(which it would be, since we haven’t been there since last July). However, everything (exam and cleaning for two adults, no fluoride) was covered by our insurance, and this is the first I’ve heard of us owing them anything.

I called their billing number. I’m immediately put into a queue to speak to the “next available billing representative” and given the option to press 0 to leave a message so that a rep will call back. Pressing 0 leads to a full mailbox with the option to hit 0 again to go back to the queue. Pressing 0 leads to the error “Invalid key.”

Hitting random extensions, I eventually reached Amy (x1135), patient relations manager. She told me to ignore the bill and she would make sure the information was resubmitted.

I wrote the above information on 18 March 2010.

On 19 April 2010, I received the same bill in the mail. I called the billing number and got the same result. On 21 April 2010 I called Amy  (who had previously assured me that I could contact her if there were any issues) and she has yet to return my messages. On 22 April 2010 I managed to leave a voicemail message for the billing representative queue. I sent an email to their patient relations contact address with not only all my contact information, but also the exact form necessary for them to fax to Metlife.

Then I wrote a complaint email on their survey page, which then took me to a page with the only text being “Thank you page”.  The following is what I told them on the survey:

Here is a list of things that caused me from my first time visiting Allcare to decide to NEVER RETURN.
-Appointment was for 2:00 pm, we weren’t seen until 4:15
-When appointment scheduled, it was specifically mentioned it was for cleaning. Hygienist was overbooked, no cleaning was done that day.
-Had to wait 2 weeks for new appointment because hygienist is only on site three days a week
-Got a second opinion and found Allcare dentist saw 6 cavities that weren’t there or weren’t an issue.
Here are a list of things that cause me to tell my friends, family, and coworkers to not go to Allcare ever.
-This was all 9 months ago and covered by insurance. Allcare failed to submit claims properly and we are now receiving bills
-Allcare failed to submit forms again when requested last month.
-Allcare not answering phone nor returning calls regarding this issue.

I’ll keep this updated as more information becomes available. I have the sinking suspicion Allcare supplies faulty information on purpose, considering the majority of their patients are seniors and might just pay what they’re told to.