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Beware Electrical

drawn live on the AlexAce & Miniidear fan discord 11/24 & 11/25 2020

Oops! All Corpses!

Sometimes, your Cap’n gives you all crunchberries. Sometimes, it’s all corpses.

I spent a cool 8-11 hours, I don’t know how long really, hyper-focused on turning every piece of Crewmate art in Among Us into a walking corpse. Animated and everything. I didn’t get to the “How to Play” section, but I did do all the map Cover-Art.

I tested it out with some of the folks on the AlexAce discord server. I streamed the drawing process, too.

This was made for PC and is intended to be used only there. I do not plan to make it available in any other way. To use these textures, download the following files and REPLACE the ones in your Steam directory with these. You can return them to normal by telling Steam to validate your files.

Links removed because they’re for an older version of Among Us and I haven’t updated it yet.

The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Black Crewmate

sometimes I draw art about art and video games

Among Us

Sometimes I don’t want to write about video games. Sometimes I draw about them.

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