Bye Bye Dagwood

We got Dagwood a year ago. He was previously owned by a crazy cat hoarder that lost her home. All the cats were put up for adoption and he was lucky enough to be adopted by couple in North Royalton. They found that this adult cat was not compatible with their golden retriever and advertised his necessity to be re-homed on Craigslist. I responded and picked him up. He was an affectionate cat that loved hands; he would dig under the blankets to nuzzle your hand if he knew it was there.

James took him in for his checkup a few weeks ago and called me with some grave news: Dagwood had FeLV, and it was already causing lymphoma. We decided that we couldn’t afford to treat a cat for cancer again, and decided that we’d give him everything else until he was no more.

Dagwood eventually stopped eating much, then barely anything at all, and then he was just drinking. This morning he was hanging around his water dish, not bothering to sit up to drink. He was laying on his side, licking up whatever he could. We decided that it was time, and today at 5PM we took him to the vet and had him put down. He was 7 lbs in the end, when he’d been twice that or more a month ago.

Bye bye, Dagwood.

From Dagwood
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