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A Crab

yep. tasty.

Congratulations, Pflugerville TX

Along with the city of Soddy Daisy, TN, your name makes me giggle.

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Sippy Cup

From Jonas 6mo+

Juices for mah boy

Customer Service

I have a feeling that if service providers of any service hired better programmers, their automated systems wouldn’t screw up as much and they wouldn’t have to hire customer service reps to repair the problems caused by the automated systems dropping the ball.

A script checked off a few things on our healthcare and decided to reject all the claims for Jonas because he had a different insurance for his first visit to the pediatrician. A phone call corrected the issue without any hassle.

An online request form automatically approved us for a budget payment plan of $100 for our electric bill. I called their customer service today to inquire why my bill was more than that, and, according to the CSR, it shouldn’t even have allowed me to sign up due to us using NOPEC.

Maybe a throng of CSRs is cheaper than a skilled programmer on retainer.

For our fellow ‘Droiders


lower jaw

the detail (what little there is) is lost in the smaller version
oh well

Jonas Vs. Tinker’s Creek

United Healthcare

I want to know who it is as United that decided to review the claims for Jonas and reject them on some fictitious claim that he has “another primary insurance.”

Six months of checkups all suddenly we’re billed for. We dropped James’s insurance in March and started using mine. My insurance is United. So was James’s. Jonas’s first checkup was on James’s insurance. Everything after that has been on mine. A few weeks after I started it, I didn’t yet have a card. I had to call to get the member/group numbers to give to the doctor’s office. At that time, they asked me which insurance on his SSN was supposed to be the primary. I explained that the old insurance was no longer in use and asked them to remove any mention of the old insurance covering him. I made it quite clear that only the Honeywell UHC was in use. The other one was cancelled, not paid for, non-existent.

Now someone seems to think it’s still there, still active, even though no one is paying the premiums and no one is making claims to it. What the hell, United Healthcare? W. T. H.

Keep On Sappin’

Click for larger version. Its based on a small portion of a mass of doodles that someone liked, so I redrew it for him.

This Guy is 6 MONTHS OLD!