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Red Gloves

It’s been more than a year since I put those gloves on.


Yup. A blue seahorse. To go with the purple octopus and orange fish.


Last Saturday, my son woke up around eight at night with some goobers in his eyes. Turns out he had pinkeye. Got some eye drops for him and it cleared up. I warned my coworker who had come over that day with her daughter to watch out for it in case her kid got it.

Last Monday, I went to the doctor because my back was killing me. For my lower back, he cracked it and all was good. For my upper back, he wanted me to start taking my muscle relaxants again. I stopped taking them due to breastfeeding, so now I just get to live with the pain and hope Tylenol will work.

Last Tuesday, I woke up feeling as if I’d swallowed barbed wire. I called off work and slept in. Eventually this great glob of blood and mucus came out of my nose, ( gross) straight from my sinuses. It came out while I was breathing normally, no coughing or blowing. I felt better for a while.

Last Wednesday, I went to work feeling one hundred percent better than I had on Monday. I had to leave early, though, because my son had a fever.

Last Thursday, the guy who sits next to me at work called off. I started having coughing fits. My husband stayed home with our son since he couldn’t go to day care.

Last Friday, I was having coughing fits pretty regularly. I felt fine, except for the coughing.

Yesterday, I couldn’t sleep through the night due to the coughing. I waited until my husband got up and slept fitfully during the morning.

Today, I’m up again for the same reasons, except now I have pinkeye.

Babies like the strangest things

My boy loves bananas and BEING UPSIDE DOWN.


Tonight James made tacos. While we were each constructing our tacos, there was a hissing noise, not unlike the sound of gas slowly escaping a tiny aperture.

“The gas is off, right?” James asked. I glanced at all the dials on the stove to confirm.

The sound seemed to be coming from our stack of appliances in the corner of the kitchen. I unplugged them all, just in case there was something going on with them. The sound persisted.

I opened the cupboard below the appliances and gave a listen. The sound got quieter.

James went outside and tightened the hose’s valve as that is right outside where the sound is coming from. There was no change in the sound.

I decided to stop worrying and continue to build my taco. As I opened the jar of salsa, the sound stopped.

“Yeah, let’s throw that out.”


And now a fish.


I have drawn an octopus for use in a game that made Jorenko program. I finally (after a month or more) thought of a theme. Click the little octopus for the larger image (the small one is for game use).


Woke up.
Pills, back brace.
Drove to work. Bright lights at work.
Removed back brace.
Ingested pills.
Consumed caffeinated beverage.

I am currently hyper with a photosensitive migraine and upper back pain.


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Some art

based on the original by dr vox

and then a ghost oh noes