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Targetted Advertising

I recently got an email from a place called Customized Graphics encouraging me to upload art to make into stickers, wall hangings, window designs, etc. I’m a bit wary of putting up my own art on there (unless I wanted to get the things myself) so I’ve put up something I didn’t originally create (but put effort into making) at no-royalty (so it’s just the cost of materials and shipping).

Here goes.

That’s right, sellin’ tf2 stickers for no profit.

Forherwr Brenin

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my brain is odd
my welsh is terrible

Long Brook is Long

Just Bones Brook from One Piece

"Just Bones" Brook from One Piece

An Old Short

Originally posted on TCB Mon, 15 Dec 2003 01:27:59 GMT

Sandra sat at the terminal, leaning on her crossed arms in front of the keyboard. She couldn’t believe what was happening. Shock, worry, fear, and all the emotions she was told never to feel were washing over her face all at once, which resulted in her stone-cold visage squeezing out a few salty tears. These feelings, as she knew, were simple replacements, something to soothe her most prominent feeling of complete emptiness.

There was something missing in Sandra now, and she knew what it was. The connection had been severed. She was the most alone she had ever been in her life, though she was currently in a room with at least a dozen others, all in as much shock as her from the disturbing occurrences.

The air echoed with questions of Amanda’s well-being, doubts of her survival, and premature praise of the agent’s past life. The video feed was down. Audio was gone, too. Sandra, along with two others, waited at their terminals for any sign of Amanda.

But Sandra knew that there was no hope. Amanda was dead.

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An Old First Post

I, uh, got a bit bored. Here’s an ancient post from the Jurassic Era. TCB was five years old in 2003. That makes it fucking old now.

Thu, 11 Dec 2003 07:45:12 GMT

I made a huge mistake. I thought about upgrading from ib v3.0.2 to ib v3.1.2. As you can see, the Cork Board is currently on 3.1.2, but at no small price. While upgrading the Cork Board, the old databases became corrupt, and I had no working ones elsewhere. All the posts were lost. All 14K+ of them.

So it’s gone. The backups that I did have were no good. It’s all gone.

Not like there was much there, but I’m sorry. I’m sorry I lost what people had given.

The Cork Board celebrated it’s fifth year this year. It went by with no one noticing, and with me not saying a word.

I guess a new start is something I need, though. Now that it’s completely clear of any bugs, any missed images, I should be fine. I should be able to keep this up again.

If I don’t go crazy from everything else first.

So, the first question, which I do not expect to be answered about the board, as it is a Happy Question and must be answered happily (or at least in an entertaining manner) and I will not be happy with compliments or criticism right now – where was …. right, the Q.

How does it look?

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I should have posted these the days they were made but I’m lazy.


So for the last month I’ve lived in New York City. It’s been pretty exciting, I’ve been through a lot of craaaazy shit! I lived in an apartment in Soho right off spring street, which is tourist city. Best neighborhood ever, though pretty upscale so I couldn’t really enjoy anything in the immediate area. I slept for the entire month on a leaky aerobed on the floor, living out of a suitcase. Not glamorous, but still pretty interesting. I dunno, there’s a lot to talk about. Maybe I’ll break it up post them later. Fun!