Bus (SB, Schoolbus), started as a Dwarf Hunter character in World of Warcraft. Lame, I know, but that’s where she started. She spent her adventuring days hanging around with Underground (UG, Yuji), a man twice her height. Her adventuring days came to a permanent end when the account for Underground was hijacked and banned. My husband and I no longer play WoW.
In WoW, Bus had a flying snake named Aeroplane. She used to have a cat named Shortbus, but a GM determined that Shortbus was an insult and her name was changed to Littlebus. (I had another character’s pet renamed when they failed to recognize the greatness of Bagpuss.)

Bus later evolved in my mind, as I never wrote anything about her, into a young woman who left her family behind to go adventuring. Her life was rather droll, having everything she needed come to her whenever she wanted. She felt her life lacked a certain spark.

No terrible, tragic past for her. Bus is out and about because she wants to be. She could go back home any time she wants to. She does drop in every so often to catch up on things, and at one point sticks around to have a brief stint in the military wherein she was entirely mediocre. Whether she was questing or following orders, she was never interested in making herself known. She was perfectly content with being “that person who did that thing a few years back”

Being only five feet tall, I often play shorter characters. It’s a perspective thing. I can see it their way. From down here. Haw haw. Bus is rather plain because I am rather plain (though she and I have no history similarities). She goes adventuring because I cannot.

That’s all there is to her at this point. And now for the pictures. I had attempted to draw new art of her for this posting, but I was failing completely at chins. Also there are previous posts on SDO related to Bus: AeroplaneHeight Disparity.

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