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Jo Things

There’s a whole bunch of new Jonas pictures on Picasa.

Also, Jonas now has a twitter. Mostly we’re keeping tack of feedings on it.

PS CS4 64

fnord:iconSleepDepJoel:SleepDepJoel @ Apr 16, 2009, 8:44:13 PM
I request a portrait of Malaclypse the Younger, the founder of Discordia. A bun-less hotdog should be worked into the piece in order to avoid heresy, eternal snubbing, etc.

And there you have it, folks. I read Principia Discordia before I drew this, fun read. In other news, I bought some games on Steam for my brother (L4D, Orange Box). AND I have a working copy of ps again. 

And happy anniversary, parental units.


A gimp made with gimpGimp is still not my favorite image editing program, but it has improved since the last time I used it. I just know where everything I want is in photoshop, and I don’t want to take the time to learn where everything I want is in gimp. Oh well, you can’t always get what you want.
Anyway, new art.

Oh Catbottoms.

Just when I was getting in the art groove again, photoshop craps out on me and I have to wait for it to reinstall again. There’s not even a guarantee it’ll even work right. Time to acquire other image manipulation tools. Capital SIGH.

New pictures in the Jonas picasa gallery:

And some cat pictures in the Things gallery:


Day three of new art. Let’s all go into the water.


I thought that it was odd that I have the two LFG books, the Richard keychain, the Richard figurine, and even the Richard socks, but I have never done any Richard fanart.

Why, Hello There, Stranger

I haven’t drawn anything in a while because of wrist problems (swelling and numbness from pregnancy). I hit my pre-pregnancy weight two weeks ago, and have dropped below it. I have feeling in my hands again.

I’d been doodling in my sketchbook, but haven’t bothered to scan anything because scanning seems like a pain right now.

So I freehanded someone in photoshop that I haven’t drawn since 2002ish. Will finish after Jonas eats.

Image completed @ 18:30
I dicked around a lot with various things in photoshop.

Happy Easter

Plans today:

1. Possibly sleep before having to leave, or maybe just sleep in the car.

2. Pack up and go go go

3. Lunch at Jorenko’s side

4. Dinner at my side

5. Return home and locate the stealthmaster daggercat and hope he didn’t hide in some barely reachable place again


This is Dagwood, our newly adopted cat. He’s a neutered adult male with a sweet, passive disposition. The couple we got him from adopted him recently, and found that the dog and Dag didn’t get along, and male side of the betrothed couple was allergic. They told us Dag came from a house of six cats that was in foreclosure and the owner could no longer care for the pets. Here are the craigslist pictures since I don’t have any of mine up yet.


May 20 2006
Oh geez, I put a lot of effort into to. I’m really surprised at what I can do now, after spending so much time doing nothing at all.

This is Ba, a troll shaman from World of Warcraft in the dungeon 1 set, “Elements.”

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