This is going to turn into a baby blog or something.

For those wondering, yes, I am enjoying this mom thing. I do get frustrated at times and cry, but I get over it. I’m happy I had a c-section. Sure, there’s surgery ti recover from now, but it’s not like I have to get back to the fields ASAP to make a living and keep this family going. I have plenty of time to recover, and I didn’t have to put Jorenko through hell for 36 hours of labor or however long Jonas would have made me go through. I was 2-3 cm dilated when they took him out, so things were going smoothly; if only he had been facing the right way.

All the feeding advice we’ve been given is based on averages and on the idea that Jonas’ll be hungry all the damn time. He’s hungry, sure, and he eats, but he’s always too sleepy to ask (cry) for more food. We’ve been waking him for feedings, trying to feed him the recommended amount of “2-3 ounces every 2-3 hours.” Two ounces at a time causes him to spit up too much, so we’re trying a schedule of “1 ounce, 1 hour break, 1 ounce, 2 hour break” repeating, with a longer second break at night for sleepies. So far so good; less spit up.

Also, I’m breastfeeding. The advice I’ve been given about how much to feed him at the teat is “until he’s no longer hungry.” This has resulted so far in him eating for five minutes and falling asleep again. As I said, we have to wake him for feedings. At the hospital the nurses and pediatricians said that he’d be like that for a while because he was early. Everything is different because of him being early. Since he won’t eat, I started pumping at the hospital and I bought an electric pump for home before he was born, so now we just bottle feed him the stored up milk. Jorenko is pleased by the aesthetic side-effects of breastfeeding.

Also, the poops. Jonas spent too long passing his myconium (poops stored from 9 months of development). He should have been done before we left the hospital on March 5th. He didn’t finish until the morning of March 8th, after which six diapers full of regular baby poops came out in the span of an hour to an hour and a half. We called the nurse line, and they said it was fine as long as it was normal color and had no blood. But oh man the poops. We’d change a duiaoer and suddenly he was pooping again, into the new diaper, before it could be closed.

Time for his next feeding.

From Jonas
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