As I sit in this gliding rocker at 3 am, having just fed my son a bottle of milk, I’ve come to realise that I’ve done some impossible things.

Years ago, when some of my online friends first met me, I hated people. I couldn’t stand most social contact; I even despised others trying to strike up idle conversation in vain attempts to win friendship. The concept of dating horrified me as well. Spending so much time and money in hopes of finding someone to share your life, or at least the night, with. The whole world seemed to value the quantity of people known rather than the value. I felt stuck; I sought to gain a few good friends rather than an abundance of acquaintances. I wanted more than anything to have a best friend that would never leave my side.

When high school ended, I found myself faced with one remaining good friend. My best friend. He and I never dated during high school, both of us stuck in a self-centered, delusional adolescence (as all teens are). We started dating shortly after. Me, dating. Impossible. I hate social interaction.

Five years later, we married. Impossible, me getting married? I hate social custom. (Which, incidentally, is why I had a costumed wedding around Halloween.)

Let me say this outright: I hate kids. Alright, that might be a bit harsh. I hate kids with shitty parents. Afraid of failure and turning into one of these shitty parents, I decided when I was younger that I never wanted kids. Me, be a breeder? Impossible! (Review the posts on SDO over the last 40 weeks if you’re still wondering how that impossibility worked out.)

I left my site derelict for a few years. I thought it impossible that any of the old reader/participants would return. Jeff & Tirlas proved me wrong.

I thought it impossible to get a decent office job without a college degree of some sort. I’ve had my own cubicle and phone extension for over a year, employed by #73 of the Fortune 500. WTF.

Five impossible things . . . Let’s have another.

The Happy Question of the Day for 14 March 2009: “If you’ve done six impossible things this morning, why not round it off with breakfast at Milliway’s?”

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    • Tirlas
    • March 16th, 2009

    zomg you beat me by 3 on the F500 scale!

    To answer the HQotD: There’s none nearby.

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