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En, better known as Stinky, more recently known as Cancer Cat, did not make it. Her lymphoma was in complete remission: she did not have any sign of cancer in her when we brought her into the vet last week. After her last chemo treatment, she was the best she’d been in a while. Then she stopped eating. She was limp, and didn’t have any balance when jumping off things. She got some IV therapy for dehydration and a bunch more tests. They said she had an infection, but they didn’t know where. They suggested some expensive exploratory surgery, but even then that would guarantee recovery. There wasn’t hope anymore.


I shouldn’t have looked in her eyes as they injected her. The sedatives made her eyes go wide and she stared blankly ahead until it was over. I can’t get it out of my head yet. I shouldn’t have watched.

Chicago Schroe

Like most of my work from near a decade ago, I’m embarrassed of “Chicago Schroe” now. And like most of my recent posts, I’m still going to share it with the Internet. Hopefully some unenlightened tween will see it and think, “Maybe I shouln’t publish my Sonic/Mario/Mega Man webcomic lest I become an object of anonymous ridicule as this person has.”

The art was simple, but inconsistent. The plot was based around my interests and acquaintances. It was terrible. When I got around to attempting a consistant art style, my hard drive failed. All data was lost, including the original flash files. I didn’t care, I just gave up.


The following link has nothing to do with me:Schroe, H.

It links to SDO and has an old post as the company description. Are bots building careers now?


Not every time we sleep do we reach a deep enough state to dream. For weeks my rest has been frequently interrupted and it seemed I’d never dream. After roaming around the house for some time in a half-coherent stupor (a state in which I seem to be able to do little more than care for Jonas and eat), I managed to sleep well in my short rests. It’s as if my body has me sleepwalking consciously during the day so that I may dream when I do sleep.

I dreamt that I was at a convention center for the purposes of an audition. It was for the part of some background character, only a few lines, from a comic or something equally nerdy that was being made into a movie. At the time the dream started, or at least what I recall, I had already finished my audition and was waiting for James to pick me up.

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Bad Art, Bad Ideas

Characters for some failed RPG given up on by some irc network starring the opers as npcs or something. The only thing I really remember about it was I was a sniper chick. Oh, and the reason I quit the project was because everyone designing it had a raging hard-on for Square and refused to make the game battle system not be based on a Final Fantasy game or Chronotrigger. And they wanted materia and summons. And they were going to summon characters from Square games.

Edit: Added more sketches related to this. All from late 2000, early 2001.


Early 2002, done for a Color Theory assignment. We had to recreate an image using marker and dots and stuff. I once found this being hotlinked to as an example of “Magritte’s early work.” It’s actually pretty terrible and lacks any artistic skill.


Because I’m lazy and don’t like to connect to more than one irc server, I’ve moved the SDO irc idlefest to efnet. / #SDO. There’s no nickserv or chanserv or anything, I need to get a bot on there.

Height Disparity

A couple of our old characters on WoW, Schoolbus and Underground. UG (along with Ba’s counterpart, Mo) were stolen a long while back after Jorenko and I quit WoW. We didn’t find out until a year or more after the fact when we tried to reactivate our accounts. Mine was fine, his was locked. For 6 months, Blizzard did nothing but tell us to send in some forms, including a notarized declaration of ownership of the account (to that I say, “W. T. F.” After buying new accounts and playing for a few months, we realized why we quit in the first place: it’s not that fun. We can grind in other games for free. Also the social aspect of the game sucks. Anyway, doodles.


Ba, the troll shaman. Fwump. Drawn in December 2004 because I hadn’t drawn much in a while then. Used WoW character as reference. This was somewhere around level 30.

Inner Conflict

Another image often stolen by tortured suburban teenagers finding random images on the internet and applying meaning where there is none, or applying their own meaning over the artist’s intent. This image shows another god character that was displaced battling internally; her original, non-god soul seeks to remind the new amalgam in charge that she was the first and she will not be brushed aside. This lady was intended to be a bit of a god killer, though born a mortal. Being mortal, she couldn’t properly destroy the souls of gods and they lived in her.