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I had a dream last night that they made yet another X-Files movie. Having not seen the previous movies, nor ever really watching the show once it developed a continuous plot (I much prefered monster-of-the-day type stuff from that show), this dream was rather odd.

It started with Mulder and Scully as a married couple seated at dinner. Scully was serving various foods with a one-ounce ice cream scoop to Mulder by placing them on a music stand while he read the newspaper. Suddenly, there’s a rumble. They panic and the camera immediately goes to the window to show a T-Rex is walking by. There’s another rumble and another until the T-Rex has gone away. “What terrible visuals,” I dream-think as I notice the choppy, unrealistic movement of the T-Rex, “The writers must want this to be a dream sequence.” No one wakes up, though, and the weirdness continues.

They decide to investigate something, or rather, I do since I’m now the star of the dream, at the middle school I attended more than a decade ago. I pretty much just stood around and watched everyone, looking like a government agent should, getting mocked or snickered at occasionaly but ignoring it because wtf, they’re kids. Who cares if they’re taller than me, I know I’m a short lady. Some epitome of “preppy” decides the best way to mock me is to stand behind me and state directly that I should get back to class and I’m not impressing anyone by dressing up like the FBI. I turn around and advise her to return to class. She listened, but had that god-awful smirk on her face that people have when they’re trolling someone and think they’ve done something to annoy them. (THAT is more annoying to me than what they actually do.)

I checked out the library, which was mostely empty of all things except shelves and the people emptying them. They were apparently renovating it soon and the library staff were scanning all books before placing them into boxes so that they’d have an accurate inventory and be able to find things easily later. What’s this efficiency? I’d never seen anything like it from a middle school! DEFINATELY SUSPICIOUS. 

The day went on and I audited a few classes. I avoided the offices for some reason and did not see or speak to any of the administration. At the end of the day I found myself in a science class in which the instructor was having to deal with a student whose parents taught him that evolution was evil. Once the argument started, I grabbed my hat and left, I was not getting involved in this. The last thing I needed was a parent suing the FBI because I smacked some sense into their kid.

Classes let out shortly after that, and the epitome of preppy came up behind me again. I turned again after she said something annoying again, and let out a sigh. She was walking with someone who looked equally annoyed that she’d said something to me, and gave me that eye-rolling look of “I’m just walking next to her, I don’t agree with her.” 

I said something in response, though I don’t recall it every sounding in the dream. The epitome immediately lost her smug expression, and I grabbed her wrist. I suppose I twisted it after that, or squeezed it hard enough that she would feel pain, but doing so in a manner that would prevent any scarring, bruising, or breakage. I did it until she bent down and laid on the sidewalk. 

Her friend handed me my wooden cane and I walked to the parking lot, passing buses, to get to my car and take her and I home.

(Images unrelated to content, I just wanted to get some more marker art out of the way.)

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