hay gais i’m in the SAClopedia

OH NO CLANGO! WHAT DID YOU DO???Years ago I was part of something on the Something Awful forums we decided to call “Pay It Forward,” which I may have explained before on SDO. (First link is to SAClopedia entry on PIF, second is to an SDO post about PIFfing.) If you don’t want to read either, basically we’d offer up goods or services in exchange for other goods or services to be claimed at a later date. Old collectors items, website design, whatever, it was offered. I got a (broken) ipod out of it, plus a bunch of other cool stuff.
At some point in one of the threads, I said the following: “I had a dream that I was showing off my pay-it-forward collection to someone, and included was a GBA game called ‘Babysitter Rape’ and the cover of the box showed a confused looking robot holding up a beat-up young girl by the collar.” The image on the right came later in the thread, and a few other things were put together from pulp-novel or b-movie covers involving women and robots. Someone thought all this was high-larious and decided to be the first person to post this tiny, one-thread in-joke that maybe 20 people knew wtf on the SAclopedia.

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