Someone was making a myconid race, mushroom people, so I made a character and played it a bit. He was Chestnut, the myconid druid. He wore ironwood armor, had an ironwood shield and club, and pretty much avoided combat at all costs. The annoying thing about playing the game was that the DM wanted Chestnut to FIND his animal companion rather than just HAVE it at the beginning, but then he never put the character in any situations where there were animals. Always vermin and magical creatures. After a while, I was in a swamp, and I just said, “look, can I find a snake here or whatever” and he said “NO YOU HAVE TO EARN THE ANIMAL’S TRUST.” So he made me fight vermin again. WTF. Can’t befriend vermin!! Need something with the ANIMAL type! (d&d 3.5e).

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