mmm, sherbetAt the first anime convention I ever attended (and it should have been my last, really) I bought a new sketch book and this was page one. (Made it into a crappy wallpaper, too.) This image is over seven years old. It makes me feel old. It makes me remember friends I had that were less than stellar and only slightly fun to talk to . . . sort of how it’s fun to hang out with a room full of toddlers with duplo bricks and washable markers until one of them shits their pants. It was at the anime convention that I realized that the majority of anime fans are underage idiots that shop at Hot Topic or creepy adult males there to see scantly-clad underage girls. Skilled cosplay is impressive at conventions, and there was some really impressive cosplay, but it was rare. The majority of the people “in character” wore half-assed t-shirt conversions or just too-many-zippers store-bought crap. This was before hot topic started carrying narutard shit, too. Also there was this guy running the art auction at the end that would get mad any time someone pronounced manga as anything other than “mahn gah” (yes, that is how it should be pronounced, but we are not in Japan and the term has long been Americanized UNKNOT YOUR PANTIES PLEASE).

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