AeroplaneAeroplaneIn December of 2005, I worked at a grocery store part time. The late shifts with few customers allowed me time to doodle like crazy, and one of the doodles happened to be of my WoW hunter’s pet, Aeroplane the flying snake. (The hunter’s name was Schoolbus and was in the Beep Beep guild.)

My media choices were limited to receipt tape and ball-point pens, which created the image on the left. Since I wasn’t attending school at all at this time, I had a lot of free time during the day to mess with doodles. The result is on the right. It was originally posted on the Cork Board with instructions on how I made it and tips on stuff, but the majority of the people reading my site at the time didn’t understand photoshop at all beyond putting funny pictures together. There’s also not really much there to talk about. Click the images for larger versions.

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