This Cat…

Shaven Stonk
… is my favorite cat. She is one of three cats living in this house, and the only one that isn’t afraid to sleep on someone.

This cat has an enlarged lymph node in her chest that has been preventing her from breathing properly. She is currently in the care of a specialist to determine for certain if their diagnosis of lymphoma is correct. The node has been drained and she’s in an oxygen cage.

This cat is only four and a half years old. She does not have FeLV or FIV, which would be two possible reasons to explain why she has lymphoma so young. It’s not impossible, just unlikely, for young cats to get it.

Best possible outcome with lymphoma: Chemotherapy works and she gets two years.
Average outcome: Nine months to a year
Worst outcome: She’s dead in a month or two.

She is MY CAT.

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