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The Something Store

For those of you who don’t know what to get someone for Christmas, get them a Something. I first heard about the Something Store on NPR earlier this year and bought something just to see if this place was real, and that the somethings were as varied as they say. During the interview with the creator, he stated that the most expensive thing they sent out was a $450 emachine, though the majority of the somethings range from $2 to $20. Each something costs only $10, and that includes shipping.

The first something I ordered ended up being a wind-up toy from Kikkerland ($15 value). The second something was a mini magnetic dart board ($2 value). I was still impressed by the variation. The Something Tracker also gives you an idea of what people are receiving. I think that the only lie on that page is where they are going. I ordered 25 somethings this for my relatives this Christmas, and the majority of what I received is on that list.
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