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What I thought was allergies over the weekend fucking with my head has culminated into something more sinister. My stomach feels to be in knots, or having difficulty passing a bowling ball through my intestines or something. By gum, this is WORSE THAN MENSTRUAL CRAMPS, and that’s something, oh boy. I once described cramps to my husband as feeling like someone grabbed my insides, just behind the naval, with needle-nose pliers and was twisting for hours.

I truly despise being ill. Not only am I going to miss a day of work, I am mostly incapable of doing anything around the house. Back when I worked as a wage-slave drone at a grocery store, I was thankful of days I was really sick. I have problems lying just to get a day off. Now that I work somewhere that actually benefits from my attendance and productivity at work, I feel terrible missing a day.
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Pork and Beans

New to Harren Hall: Weezer (red album), Weezer – Make Believe.

A Preview

“I am a bard, a trav’ling man,
In homes and inns I sing.
I tell the tales of history,
Of heroes and of kings.
I never deigned to read or write.
I’m not a learn-ed man.
But in my endless pilgrimage,
I have learned all I can.
My words are now for you to read,
My thoughts are on the page.
Fear of losing my audience,
Strikes me in my old age.
It is time the world knew again,
How and why it was born.
And just who is the chosen race,
And who deserves our scorn.
I sing the lessons taught by gods,
I sing them for my kin,
So that we might be the holy,
and leave the rest to sin.”

The Women of the Lakes

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