Well crap.

While playing TF2 tonight, my Virtually Indestructible Keyboard decided to give out again. As it did, it caused TF2 to crash, right in the middle of a CTF_Well match. I had 55 uses of my teleporter, and since the map didn’t finish properly, my client didn’t record that for my stats. 55 uses! The teleporter use counter on the top left of the hud had rolled back to 0 several times! It was cool! And it didn’t count.

VIKs are soft keyboards made by GrandTec. I’d been using one for a while and I loved it. In the past few months, however, the outer silicone part had detached from the inner circuitry. There was a lot of shifting about and the keys would get stuck. I’ve switched to my cheap dell keyboard now. I really want another VIK, though, even though I know it’ll mess up all over again. I’d had it for a couple years, so I know it’ll last a while.

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