Do you like Jerky? Do you like money?

Some time last year, I got a spam email that has managed to live in my inbox for a long time simply because of the title above. The content is just as wonderful.

Do you like Jerky? Do you like money?

from Clint.

Do you love JERKY? Would you like your JERKY to pay you money… I know it sounds silly, if not unrealistic, but let’s look at the facts:
1) It sells. It is literally sold in every convenience store, grocery store, and is in prime locations within these stores, all because it does sell!
2) It is consumable – people eat it (often within minutes of purchase).
3) It is naturally preserved (if it can last long enough to put into storage)
4) Is a great protein and low carb food source

Now, we have a business program where you can get in for as little as $12 a month (low auto-ship) and then you can become a part of a program that can make you money – and we offer our Marketing Systems to help you succeed!

1. Register and get some JERKY! [URL removed]
2. You will get your own website… and you’ll get some of this delicious JERKY to eat!
3. Email Clint (email to: [email removed]) directly or by replying to this email with your Jerky website.
4. Clint will verify it in the system, and then will add it to our Marketing System, that will deliver you people to look at our Jerky Business.
5. Then you can participate in the Corporate Training programs, and share the Jerky with those you know that like Jerky!
6. It is perfect! It is easy! It tastes great! It is tons of fun!!!

We are sending this out to literally hundreds of thousands of people. The sooner you take action ($12 minimum) the sooner you can share in the success we are creating.

We here at [company removed] are working on your behalf, and are sharing the marketing that we have with you in order to help you succeed. The sooner you act, the more results you will share in conjunction with the Marketing Resources we are offering to you.

Clint is looking forward to your email, and we are ready to get things going for you!

-From all of us here at [company removed]!

Go to [URL removed] now!!!

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