My husband had this great idea: let’s get 8 limes, 16 oz of 1800 Silver, 8 oz of Triple Sec, put it in a pitcher with a little bit of sugar and DRINK IT ALL.

those were some strong and yummy margaritas

Then I had this idea: LET’S SEE IF WE CAN STILL PLAY TF2!
result: funny, funny things

I saw Ice Nine’s name was logged in, so I told him what I was about to do, but it turned out to be his son, oh well

My husband and I tried to go to an empty server, but Ice and Jedi joined, and eventually more people joined. Enough so that I was actually not helping so I left.

I recall at some point switching to sniper and Jedi saying, “oh this I gotta see”
I got so excited when I managed to hit something on my first shot, and then I took out a sentry
then after that all I saw were some walls because I couldn’t turn properly and every time I fired something that was rapid fire I got confused.

The hubby played demoman because his consumption of alcohol really helped him get into character. I tried getting demoman, too, but I blew myself up.

Then someone named TheDoctor (no space) joined and I, you probably guessed, got confused.

I repeatedly forgot which team I was on in gravel pit.

I’m not planning to do this again any time.

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