Toad just reminded me how much I hate Rare for changing Joanna. The image gallery he linked to reminds me of a porn shoot.

I loved Perfect Dark. It was the greatest game ever, and that was partially because the main character was not a fucking bimbo. Joanna was a competent agent, short haired, skilled, and forceful. She was NOT someone who’d look good in a playboy bunny suit with anti-gravity breasts. In-game, her figure was normal. Average. But the marketing, and now the redesign, put her more disproportionate than Barbie Dolls.

It really disgusts me. I was going to buy an X-Box because of Perfect Dark, but now . . . Now I don’t want to buy anything from Rare at all.

They’d better change the name of the series, because that thing is not Joanna.

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