Dream 02.11.09

I had a dream I went to Dennis’ Place for Games, only it didn’t look like the ones out here. It was larger, less crowded, and brighter. Pump It Up was in the middle, but it was compact. The single stage was pushed under the cabinet, and I had to pull it out. Then I had to boot the thing. Then I had to level the stage. All this, and I didn’t even work there.

Not yet, anyway. Josh was reviewing my application. He asked me about someone I listed as a reference – “Jack Crawford.” He wanted to inform me as well that the address I listed for Jack was wrong, and his correct address was [insert screen name]. I told him to watch out, because his live-in girlfriend will answer and throw a fit.

I returned to the PIU machine. The damned thing was one player. No doubles allowed. I messed with the internal settings, and found that the machine was running on Windows 3.1. I started messing with it with a keyboard, though I don’t know how I got the keyboard.

I added a name entry screen, you picked by pressing the arrows to get to a letter, then hitting the center to confirm. Finally the game started.

The man in the artwork of “Unforgettable Memory” was positioned over the Pump logo. Hit center to play, start up a song on easy.

That’s when I noticed a lot more steps than I was used to – I look down, this isn’t PIU anymore, it’s Technomotion.

People start watching me frantically play, and then they clap and all that. Later, I return home.

Home is supposedly 802, though it looked like an inverse of the trailer I lived in mixed with Tim’s condo. My brother, mother, and father all lived there, but everything paralleled my current situation.

Father was not there; There are only three of us in 802 right now. Mother retained her personality, though she took the part of Maria. Tony used dial-up internet access while I had high-speed; that’s the same as Ashley’s setup.

The cat was there. I can’t remember what all Eddie did in the dream, but it somehow mattered.

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