1. Mom came to visit. Yay. Why can’t she accept that people of other skin colors exist and can be something other than what she expects?

2. Two days ago, Dennis, owner of Dennis’ Place for Games, asked me to burn a copy of Pump It Up: The Premiere 2. He’s got two arcades. One arcade has Prex, the other Premiere 2. He wants Premiere 2 at both. Andamiro says he has to pay $900 for the second copy. He doesn’t want to.

3. CD’s burned. We take it to the arcade. Wahey! The moment of another truth – we plonk the Premiere 2 copy disc into the Prex machine …

“Lock Error”

4. Well, sheet. We plonk the Premiere 2 original in the Prex machine.

“Lock Error”

5. As far as we know, the disc WILL work in the Premiere 2 machine. We’ll find out tomorrow. :]

6. Near as I can tell, the best way to solve this is to put the Prex lock code on the Premiere 2 copy disc, and it should work fine. I need to get my hands on the Prex, then. I’ll present this idea to Dennis tomorrow after I see …

7. My possible new apartment. Closer to downtown than I already am, but it’s west. Right next to the blue line. 3 bedroom, I’ll be sharing with Troy and a friend of his. They already said I get the bigger room.

8. Mom’s cutting off the extra money for rent that comes with my financial aid. Crap. Now I need a job, and fast.

9. I miss my Jorenko.

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