Ghetto-bitch roommate Lametria decides to introduce me to her friend’s roommate, whom she assumes I’ll get along fine with because he’s a gamer, too.
Things I learnt about “TJ”
– He’s a hyperactive gamer dweeb. He is not, by any means, a geek. He knows nothing of hardware or tech, only of face-value of the systems he “collects”
– He’s pushy. Well, not really pushy, more like he doesn’t stay in his own business, or he has no regard for other people’s business. He came into my room, while I was in there, and just started sifting through all my stuff, giddily commenting on everything I owned. Yes, boy, you’re excited, but damn, couldn’t you have asked before you got all in my stuff?
– He loves anime. He’s got furry characters. He’s writing a story of his own. He told me about it. It’s no where near as well though out as mine, though I might just be saying that because I know what’s in my head better than his. Or I could be saying it because he told me the basic plot, and it didn’t seem like anything well-planned – A story writting for the quips rather than the grand plot.
– He’s a Team Artail fan artist. He draws well, but it’s mostly copy work with slight changes to hair and the like. All females look the same, but with different hair/colors, all males look the same, different outfits/hair/etc.
– Troy works in the photo department of Walgreens. Troy has seen some rather provocative photos of TJ.

I dragged the poor boy to the arcade, he was scared off rather quickly by the massive amounts of people kicking his ass at games he though he was great at.

Other things tonight – Troy asked me to get some songs and burn a CD for him. My burner has been on the fritz for a bit – I wasted three discs before it actually worked. I had to disconnect and wait a hell of a long time for it to work properly.

Troy just phoned me – he’s waiting for a bus in front of a bar, and a team of tow trucks (seven in all) are taking a large number of people away. People are running from the bar, bribing the towers to give the car back.

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