Personal life.

[21:01] [Schroe> It’s all fucking dead.
[21:01] [Canard> Hmm?
[21:01] [Schroe> Everything is dead and gone and what’s the fucking point of anything?
[21:01] [Canard> What happened today?!
[21:01] [Schroe> A WHOLE HELL OF A LOT OF SHIT. I’m sincerely tempted to jump out my window just to teach my father a lesson.
[21:02] [Canard> Nooooooo! :( Who will I marry when I come to Chicago ;_;
[21:03] [Schroe> In other news: I learned three new songs in PIU.
[21:03] [Canard> Yay, any good at them?
[21:03] [Schroe> yes. It’s kinda hard to be distracted by retards in the arcade when you’re heads about to explode from emotional stress
[21:05] [Canard> …why doesn’t he want you moving into another apartment?
[21:05] [Schroe> FUCK IF I KNOW
[21:05] * Schroe throws her arms up in disgust.
[21:06] [Schroe> My dad never shows any emotion toward me other than anger. And he wonders why the hell I didn’t want to tell him my plans until everyone signed the lease. Dad never shows any interest in my life, except when he wants to yell at me for costing him so much money.
[21:07] [Canard> Bah
[21:08] [Schroe> Dad thinks I’m a disrespectful little bitch, but of course, he had nothing to do with that.
[21:08] [Canard> I would say something incredibly cynical now but I don’t really want to
[21:08] [Schroe> According to him, my attitude was developed entirely from outside influence. My natural reaction to everything is to yell. Did I learn that from him? OF COURSE NOT. My arrogance, my cynicism, my attitude, nothing came from him of course! HE’S in tears and I’m supposed to fucking care. He never showed any fucking interest when I’d cry. He’d just say, “I’ll give you a reason to cry!” and fucking hit me. And he wonders why I don’t want him to be part of my life.
[21:10] [Canard> That’s terrible
[21:10] [Schroe> Any moment in which you are not in 100% agreement with him, he is yelling until you do. I remember so many conversations in which he fucked up his computer, and would get pissed off when I couldn’t fix it. “If you’re so fucking smart, fix it.”
“It’s old software, dad, there’s nothing I can do.”
“Don’t give me that shit, I know you can fix it, you just don’t want to.”
[21:11] [Canard> I HATE when people say that.
[21:12] [Schroe> My online life is dying. My social life is finally living. My family life just committed suicide.
[21:12] [Canard> Well, what’s the worst he can do to you?
[21:13] [Schroe> Cut my financial aide, disown me, keep me from going home ever again, which he threatened to do today.
[21:13] [Canard> Bah. And where was your mom during all this?
[21:13] [Schroe> On her way back home from my apartment.
[21:13] [Canard> Do you know what her opinion on this is?
[21:14] [Schroe> She called him on the phone and told him that I was moving in with Troy, which she has no problems with. She’s playing the medium in this. The go between. I broke my cell phone after talking to my dad.
[21:14] [Canard> The one who sits out and watches.
[21:14] [Schroe> I had a go at my mom, too. I was bitching at her about how my dad’s influence in my life has been mostly negative. And she says, “What about me?”
[21:15] [Canard> I’d think that would be a normal reaction
[21:16] [Schroe> And I said, “You taught me to be kind, open-minded, and to think everything through. But ever since I moved here, you turned into something horrible. I have never seen you behave in a racist manner before you came here.”
[21:17] [Canard> How did she react? Bah, I feel stupid asking stupid questions and being absolutely no help at all
[21:18] [Schroe> She cried. She asked me if it was true. She asked me if that’s the way she was behaving for real, making sure that I wasn’t saying that just to hurt her.
[21:20] [Canard> Is she racist for any reason? Like a black dude attacked her when she was little? (Well, sorry, just getting that from the whole “a dog bit me when I was little so now I hate dogs” idea)
[21:25] [Schroe> She’s racist for the simple fact that there are no black people where she’s from. (There are black people in ohio, it’s just that the ones she sees/hears about in Toledo DO fit what she expects black people to be – ghetto, retards, thieves, fucking lunatics)
[21:29] [Canard> Force her to spend time with her black friends, which is obvious and all the help I can give. I just hate listening to stories like these and not trying to help.
[21:30] [Schroe> She did spend time with the black friends. She likes Troy. She’s fine with Troy. Troy is just dandy. I love my momma. I love my daddy. I hate my daddy.

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