Ettin, you wouldn’t have been saved by your one lurker, nor would you have been saved by your damned devourers.

You left the your based entirely undefended when you launched your attack. My defenses at the main base too out all but your sodding three devourers and three guardians. Then my third base, the second one you attacked, took out what was left of them.

What’s worse, you didn’t even have your expansions as functional. One spawning pool, one spire, etc. Destroy spire, no more mutalisks for you, because you didn’t make use of your expansions beyond resource gathering.

I sent my marines and SCV’s down to the base as you launched your 5th pitiful attack against my remaining base. Every one of those five attacks did no irreparable damage. Instead of building defenses for your base, you threw potshots at me.

Had I known that you were playing like that, I’d have sent my marines into your base instead of down there, and just left the SCVs by themselves.

You were razed by MARINES, Ettin. You should feel ashamed. Very ashamed.

While you were busy destroying what you thought was my only base, I was building the defenses for the other, and ignoring the main one. Main base gone? Who cares, I’ve already got all the upgrades for my marines, and I’ve got barracks elsewhere. :]

Why on earth would you empty your entire base of units when attacking?

I took out five overlords, five to seven smaller units, and four or five structures with one battlecruiser. Two wraiths throwing potshots should not take out several buildings, including a hatchery.

1/ The devourers were never in a location to see the marines and SCV leaving.
2/ I had enough depots at base2 to supply 50 more marines than what I already had. You also left only ONE standing at the main base.
3/ Yes, you’re an idiot for not keeping your base defended.

Your scourges would have only seen the Marines as they arrived. Not much you can do from that.

The one lurker you say cost you the game could have been easily cleared by any of the wraiths remaining wraiths of mine, when sent with the marines and vultures. Your lurker was worthless, just like your attacks – You’d make a dent, not break anything.

A lesson? For you to not assume that you’re going to win straight off, perhaps. You still play like a newb. >:| You’ve been playing more than I have, and I haven’t played in months. You should have gotten better, but you still play like you did before.

So proud you destroyed my main base, and you lost all your attackers doing so … and then those little shit attacks you pulled afterward …


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