Maria & Sick People

[01:45] [Ettin> Please talk to me. I’m lonely.
[04:04] [Schroe[Sheepies]> You’re lucky. I’m going to fucking puke soon, so I’m wide awake. Not only that, Maria knocked loudly on my door a while ago for no fucking reason, and didn’t even stay in front of it when I got to answering it. I just sat for a half hour in front of the toilet, my stomach churning and the first thing she asks me, “Are you drunk? Have you been drinking?”
[04:06] [Schroe[Sheepies]> “No. I’m sick.”
[04:06] [Schroe[Sheepies]> Then she calls into the other room, when someone asks what’s going on, “She’s not feeling well; she’s been drinking.”
[04:07] [Schroe[Sheepies]> “I haven’t been drinking.”
[04:07] [Schroe[Sheepies]> “Oh.”
[04:07] [Schroe[Sheepies]> She calls into the other room, “She hasn’t been drinking.” Then she asks me if she can get me anything, water, juice, etc. All the while, her voice is at volume setting 10. It’s like she’s fucking yelling all the damned time. And she’s always saying inane things.
[04:09] [Ettin> Puked yet?
[04:09] [Schroe[Sheepies]> Nope. But the feeling’s there, and it’s painful.

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