Leadership Roles

Hatt was meant to be a M-F comic drawn during my boring classes. Unfortunately, my Thursday class is too much working in-class to allow time to draw. So now Hatt will be a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday comic. Sounds reasonable, yes? As for this week’s Monday comic, that’s not going to happen because of the Monday class using the entire time for group projects, and, well, yeah.

At least it was a good project we worked on – the purpose was not the product, but the manner in which we developed the product. The product for this group project was to design an outfit using only one roll of toilet paper and design advertising and marketing for it.

There were eight people in my group. No one spoke up straight off, other than one person who said, “So … what are we supposed to do?”

As much as I’m a “leader” online, I’m really shy in public … but I guess I’m over that. I explained to everyone what we were supposed to be doing, and did so in a manner that they would understand. Once everyone got it, I separated our group into subgroups, one to work on the design and theme of the clothing, the others to work on marketing/advertising.

At one point, the fashion group said to one of the marketers, “Stop worrying about what we’re doing, you’re marketing, not design.”
I spoke up then, “Even though we’re working on different parts, we’re still working together. Answer his question.”

Yay, me leader.

People kept getting off task, so I’d snap them into place. We had one person who hadn’t spoken up the entire time, so I addressed him directly.
“We need make a logo,” I said. We had decided earlier that the product was part of the “TrojanWear” line, and that we’d write “Trojan” as if it were carved out of stone, and write “Wear” in a more “modern” manner. “Does anyone think they can write the ‘Wear’ like a neon sign, or slashed cloth, or something else wild like that?” I named each person by their name, and they all said no, and I finally got to the one who hadn’t said anything. He had started working on it when I mentioned it. Hooray, I found something he could do. It turns out that he didn’t feel like he had anything to add to the project, and I helped him help us. Yay.

Yay, me leader.

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