Dream 02.10.28

The first dream started with me in my room. It’s surprisingly clean, but when I walk over to open my door, it split near the hinges. Well, shit.
I shout outside to the others in the apartment, which includes Ashley, her friend Mike, Kara, and another white guy. I ask, “Does anyone want to explain to me why my door is falling off its hinges?” There’s no reply from Kara in the kitchen, or Mike and the other white guy in the living room. There is, however, a response from Ashley, who’s in my bathroom, looking at me through the massive holes in the wall. Apparently, someone felt the room needed redecorating, and they removed all the drywall from the walls there.
Well, shit.
I shut my door as best I can, even though it stays slightly open as the crack gets bigger, and the lower hinge of this two hinge door falls off.
I sit in front of my computer and start playing a game. Mike and his friend come in and say, “Hey, cool, [game]!” They take the controllers from me and start playing. I walk over to a corner of the room and hug my Jorenko, because he just happened to be there now. While I’m hugging him, Ashley and Kara come in. Ashley starts watching the game, but Kara goes to my dresser.
Kara complained a bit about how she has no money, no food, etc. I offered to go get her something that could help her. While I’m away, Kara goes through my drawers. I come back and see her holding my silver certificates (Dollar bills from before 1955). I yell at her to give them back, and when she does, I yell at her for taking advantage of me while I was being nice to her. The entire time, she’s silent, but I continue yelling at her, calling her a worthless cunt, stupid whore, thieving bitch, etc. She runs into the kitchen and locks the door. The little kitchen here doesn’t have a locking door, but apparently it’d been turned into a bathroom, because I hear her start up a shower. I walk back into my room, and the guys have invited over more friends. Ashley decides to point out to me that what I’d done is mean.
“And what she did wasn’t?” I reply.
“Good point.”
We turn to watch the guys play the game. Jorenko is standing behind me. I’m getting more and more pissed off that there are people I don’t know using my stuff, and being in my room as if they live there. After a while, I throw them all out of our shitty apartment.

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