Dream 02.10.22

After watching Resident Evil, ending at around 2:30 AM, and then going straight to bed afterward, I knew I’d have weird dreams.

I was in a theater, or auditorium of some sort. Someone on stage had just finished speaking, and now people were injecting themselves with something. Considering the intro info I gave, you’d expect it to be RE related, but no, it was the sedatives from American Werewolf in Paris, but it turned everyone into werewolves and/or zombies. Those who did inject themselves and found it to be harmful warned others before their minds were lost. I bolted into a bathroom, and tried to lock the door.

A woman inside warned me that it wouldn’t lock at all, and then asked me to take her baby away from her. She was turning into one of the monsters, and she didn’t want to harm her baby. I took the child and told her to go outside. I’d barricaded the door and hid from her, along with some others who weren’t yet infected. Thank god the child was silent.

There were apparently two entrances to this bathroom, and they were piling in the other. The guy I was stuck in the bathroom with tore down our barricade, and we ran out. We ran to where everyone else was running to – the exit.

When we got out, the man directed a group of us to his large house. Unfortunately, many in the group were infected, and slowly started showing signs of it. A woman’s face bulged and grew hair; a man’s eyes glowed and he tried biting people. Each time someone new changed, we’d move to another room. All this time, I was carrying the child.

I’m fairly certain I was killed, because the dream ended with me holding the child, looking up at a man, and him attacking me.

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