39 Across

Schroe Dot Org: As with any game creator, a pattern can be seen in their actions. Rare and Collecting things, for example. However, in crosswords and word searches, the patterns are more evident. In a crossword book, usually each puzzle within is written by the same person. This one person has only their own vocabulary from witch to draw words and clues. Once the answer pattern is detected, it would be much simpler to recall past clues to be able to fill in the words without other letter hints. In theory, one should eventually be able to fill in a crossword with using only the “Across” clues. Or “Down,” if they so choose. I was only on puzzle eight :-(
EcoFireKitten: I know exactly what that’s like. I had a book of crosswords (Easy ones) for the Maine trip
Schroe Dot Org: On puzzle eight just now, I finished without looking at the down.

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