Schroe Dot Org: New rare layout.
J Jorenko: Is it all green?
jdSchroe Dot Org: No, it’s all in crap flash. Where the fuck is scribes … Oh fuck no. NO NO NO. NOOOOOO! They say that’s Joanna ;_;
J Jorenko 28:45 PM): :O So maybe it won’t be that great. So they break away from Nintendo, then copy their cartoony phase.
Schroe Dot Org: Jo lookes like JFG+PD
J Jorenko: yah, +Barbie
Schroe Dot Org: Yeah :\
J Jorenko: Look at those proportions! Though, Vela…
Schroe Dot Org: You know, that right there, just that . . . That image of Jo makes me hate the deal. I was fine with it before. “I’ll get an Xbox,” I said, “When they release PD0.” Now I can’t. That’s not Jo. That’s a fucking whore.
J Jorenko: It’s Mr. Gate’s new concubine. I’m already over it though. Ninty has enough good developers now. Microsoft’ll rush Rare’s games out and they won’t be as good. And we’ll be happy with our NCL/Retro/SK games. I don’t know if I’ll be able to bring myself to play SFA, actually I’ll probably get all emotional at the Rare logo, since it’ll be the last one I ever see. Hell, I’ve been worshiping them since 6th grade. Longer than you have me!
Schroe Dot Org: You started my rare obsession :|
J Jorenko: I know ;_; I should write the Stampers a letter letting them know that I’m fine with them leaving for the tyrant, even though I’ve been a loyal fan, and make them regret it. That sort of thing.
Schroe Dot Org: Go for it :|
J Jorenko: I should find the letter I wrote them in 6th grade, for English.
Schroe Dot Org: Seventh. Tong’s class.
J Jorenko: I specifically remember being in Conkle’s room when I got it back.
Schroe Dot Org: I was never in Conkle-Classes, and you showed it to me in class.
J Jorenko: hrm. Maybe I wrote it in 6th and it took a long time for them to get back or something. Do you remember the assignment?
Schroe Dot Org: You wrote it as a class assignment, and they replied in a week, maybe two weeks
J Jorenko: hrm
Schroe Dot Org: I remember you spazzing over it.
J Jorenko: I’ll have to find it anyway.
Schroe Dot Org: I’ve still got the whispa bar wrapper ;_;
J Jorenko: Mail it back to Leigh and tell him you can’t keep it anymore. Make him SAD.
Schroe Dot Org: Heh. The thing is four years old. Well, almost. More like three and a half. I swear, if that Joanna is what their characters are going to look like from now on, I’ll go work for them. I somehow feel cheated that they’re making her like that. I gave up on my dream of working character design for Rare because I just didn’t feel good enough. Now, from that picture, I feel like they’re beneath me.

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