Pay Attention

What would I have done, if she stepped on the bird? Would I have yelled at her for not paying attention? Would I have sobbed at the loss of an innocent bird? Would I have commented on the tragedy as a prophet, claiming it to be an omen or representation of human nature – we’re all far too busy to appreciate the beauty in the world …

A traffic cop, a city street cleaner, and I stared at a small bird sitting on the curb. IT wasn’t running from us, it wouldn’t take flight at the noises. It just sat there, staring back. Cute, fluffy, a symbol of natural beauty in the middle of the modern city.

A woman ran by, trying to catch the bus.

If she had been on her right foot on that step instead of her left, the bird would have been squashed under her.

If she had been just two inches to the right, the bird would have been a few yellow feathers in a red bloody splotch.

Instead, though, the bird was spared.
And it just sat there.

Birds were important to the Romans. Their prophets read signs of birds. Types, positions, times, etc.

Beauty and Innocence in one will always be triumphant.

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