Dream 02.09.12

I’m not sure which came first, the sorority, the diablo, or the shopping, but the shopping came before the sorority.

The diablo portion of the dream … I was in a bus, travelling down an open country road. Eventually, we got out of the bus, though I don’t recall how or when. Something caused us to begin running back, and that is when it switched to the Diablo2 view of the game. I was an assassin (2nd time appearing as an assassin in a D2 dream, other times I’ve been a sorceress (2)). Another unidentified class is running up ahead of me. As we run, the ground starts to fall behind us. At times, I’m running up an incline to get to the next section of land. I’m the first to fall into the darkness when I couldn’t make it to the next plot of land in time. At this point, I began contemplating what it would look like of the viewpoint could be changed in Diablo, how it would work, graphically, and how they could program it to work well. (Jorenko had mentioned when we were playing d2 last night that he wished that view could be changed). After a moment, I found myself watching TV, and the local (Toledo) news was on. They were doing a special report on the event that had just happened. I was proud to see that they used my character on their screen.

The next part of the dream would have to be the shopping, then. I was in a small store, like Walgreens, purchasing items. A group of us were there, actually, and we were throwing items into the cart. We went to the checkout, which was not a counter, but a window in the wall. The cashier rung up our purchases, and pushed aside items that had been damaged. (Apparently, we’d just run through a gauntlet to get to there). The others in the group grabbed their goods, and I stole a large pack of toilet paper that was pushed aside for being damaged.
We’re walking home now, wherever it may be. The others with me are a male and a female, both ages 18-23. The female has short red hair, pale skin, and is wearing tight black pants, and a black 3/4 length sleeved shirt. She’s also rather thin, and looks like a young, goth Joanna Dark. The male remains unidentifiable, other than that he is in a black coat, and he ends up splitting with us.
Joanna (for lack of a better name) and I are then walking down the city streets to get home. We’re roommates, apparently.

The sorority is where we end up heading. We live in a sorority house, and are apparently the mock of the campus. The richer sororities come by and pester us, particularly one girl, who is constantly picking on Amanda (refering to me. I was someone else in this dream, but I was still myself. Amanda was a brown haired me, and I was blue/black haired, like I am now.).
Amanda was constantly picked on by one particular girl. This girl was tall, busty, big haired, and rich. She was constantly in the latest fashions and the spikiest heels. This girl never bothered me, but she constantly harassed Amanda. One day (as in now, in the dream) she really pissed me off, and I went outside of the house. I told this woman to back off, and I pushed her.
She was appalled that I’d do such a thing. She kicked me with her heel/spike. It connected with my shoulder, and it hurt. She swung for a second kick, and I grabbed her shoe.
She lost her balance, and fell over onto the lawn. She started bitching about dry-cleaning costs, and I told her she had far more to worry about.
I took her other shoe, and stabbed her in each arm with a shoe-heel.
At this time, an authority figure (a black man with glasses and school garb, possibly a professor). He surveyed the scene for half a second and was frightened.
It skips slightly here. Now we’re all on the porch, the bitch and the prof are both sitting on the floor, and I’m on a bench. Amanda’s sitting next to me.
Amanda doesn’t like what I did, but she feels powerless to stop me. I happen to have a claymore, sheathed, sitting next to me. I know that it’s flimsy (because it’s Jorenko’s) but they don’t. I dramatically unsheath it, and point it at the woman.
“You’re paying for dinner, tomorrow. It will be just you, your boyfriend, my boyfriend, and myself.”
She nodded in agreement to my demand, and ran off.
The dream skips again. Now I’m lazily watching TV, flipping through the channels. The woman has arrived to take me out to dinner. She’s also brough an extra couple.
“Sorry, my boyfriend won’t be here until Friday. Come back then, at nine.”
She walked off, and the dream ended.

I’m going back to bed. I’ll analyze this for my research paper later.

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